10 Pictures that show a pregnant Rihanna is the sexiest woman alive .

Return to red carpet

Here Rihanna displayed her baby bump in a green halter top from The Attico. She dressed this at the red carpet event of Fenty Beauty and Skin event in Los Angeles on Feb 11, 2022.

Bathroom photo

The first photo of her baby bump that Rihanna posted on her Instagram page. The photo was taken in a basic bathroom which contravenes her billionaire status. She posted with a caption’ how we pulled up to the black history month.

Baby bump well accesorized

Rihanna has a gold belt to her trousers and statement chains. She walked while tucking her hands in the pocket.

Proud parents to be

Asap Rocky and Rihanna are going to be happy and loving parents. Asap Rocky gently kisses Rihanna on the forehead.

Pink looks good on a pregnant rihanna

The pink accentuates Rihanna’s baby bump and she looks amazing. Her pink nails go well with the jacket.

Rihanna as a sexy mama

Rihanna showcased the sexy mama look with blacktop laced showing her part of her cleavage and bump.

Rihanna on fashion week

Rihanna attended the Paris fashion week Dior show in an all-naked dress while pregnant. It’s only Rihanna who can pull off this look. That was the most daring look Rihanna pulled when pregnant.

2000’s style

It is a style of the 2000s that made Rihanna beautiful. The photo was taken while she was on a night out.

Rihanna as romantic

Rihanna wrapped up her baby bump in a red dress. This look was to attend a romantic date night with Asap Rocky.



Rihanna jersied up

Even when pregnant Rihanna could not leave out her favorite jersey. She rocked the outfit with a pair of heels.