15 Lil Wayne’s tattoos with sentimental value and their meanings

Celebrities love tattoos, and this is especially our rappers and musicians. Lil Wayne must be the rapper with the most tattoos on his body, and the speculations are that he doesn’t know all of them.

Lil Wayne has always ignited many conversations, mainly centering on his many tattoos.

Many perceptions are always made of a person who has a tattoo; they are branded as tough, which is the judgment Wayne has passed through.

He is well idolized in the body art and tattoo industry with his unique tattoos.

Here is a list of Wayne’s most sensitive and significant tattoos and their meanings

1.Young Money Entertainment logo

The tattoo is inked on the left side of his neck and his logo for his foundation Young Money Entertainment which he started while still a teenager. A record label sprang him to greatness even after joining the Cash Money record distributed by Universal music.


The tattoo is on his left ear, and it’s very significant to Lil as it was a nickname his grandmother gave him before she died.

3. Number 17

This is a numerical number 17 on the left side of his face. Lil Wayne wrote the tattoo as it represents ward 17 in New Orleans, and it was a hometown where he grew up.

4.Arabic words

This is a tattoo on the upper side of his left eyebrow with Arabic words. The Arabic words in English mean Mommas boy.

6.Lifes a gamble with a pair of dice

It’s Wayne’s’tattoo on the shoulder, which is just a simple statement but has a weight to it. This tattoo ushers us into the life of Wayne, and we try to imagine what was going on that he chose to write those words. The tattoo means that life is too short to worry about, and there is no need to please everyone.


It is a tattoo between his eyes, representing the initial of his mother’s first name Cita .wayne really loved his mother. The C is also his last name Carter.

8.4 Teardrops

the four teardrops represent the four people in his family who died. The teardrop tattoo is on his face.

9.Three dots

These are tattoos located on the left side of his forehead. The dots are in a triangular manner. The tattoos represent laugh, think and cry.

10.Heartline tattoo

The tattoo is pretty visible on his hairline. The heartline tattoo symbolizes passion, feelings, emotions, love power, and strength combined.

11.Cross tattoo

He recently restored the tattoo on March 12, 2021, on the center of his head. It symbolizes faith and respect for Christianity. It also represents the event of the crucifixion of Jesus.


This is arguably Lil Wayne’s painful tattoo as it’s on his eyelids. The tattoo just means that Wayne has his religious beliefs. He loves to read the bible and talk to God.

13.The flower

It’s a tattoo that represents Wayne’s softer side of life. The delicate flower helps to overlook his other hardcore tattoos.

14.I am music

With these simple words, Wayne means that his sole purpose in life was to entertain people by creating amazing music.


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15.Bible verse

This is viewed as a menacing tattoo as it has the word The Lord on his back and strong letters. The tattoo means someone who is not afraid to die, but Wayne has interpreted it as someone not afraid to live.