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330 Kenyans Worth Over Ksh1 Billion – Report



According to the report, registered 330 people with a net worth higher than $10 million (approximately Ksh1.08 billion). The number is a drop compared to 356 billionaires reported in 2019, and 370 billionaires in 2020. This has been attributed to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nairobi County boasts 75.8 percent of the total Kenyan billionaires .250 out of the 330 billionaires, live within the Capital City. cumulatively, 26 Kenyans fell out of the general rich list, revealing the effects of the pandemic on businesses and enterprises.

Nairobi County boasts 75.8 percent of the total Kenyan billionaires .250 out of the 330 billionaires, live within the Capital City.

The high number of billionaires in Nairobi depicts the imbalance in regional economic development in Kenya.

The high number of billionaires in Nairobi depicts the imbalance in regional economic development in Kenya.

Africa’s wealthiest were the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

AfrAsia’s survey indicated that there was a 9 percent drop in the number of wealthy persons in Africa.

The Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) was bearish in the course of the pandemic. Several properties had to devalue, the lockdowns and closure of private companies took a toll on the economy.

The number of billionaires in Nairobi dropped by 10 percent, translating to 38 percent of people whose net worth fell to below the $10 million (Ksh1.08 billion) mark.

South Africa was ranked first as the country with the most billionaires, at 1,930, Egypt, 810, and Nigeria, 460.

Nairobi was ranked sixth in Africa among cities with the most billionaires.

The Africa Wealth report describes wealth as the net assets of a person that includes properties, equities, cash, and business interests clear of any liabilities.

The Bank uses its financial management arm, responses from private bankers, wealth advisers, and managers to track the billionaires.

The wealth report, however, did not give the individual names of the wealthy persons.

Kenya’s group of high net worth individuals described as people with a net worth of at least $1 million (Ksh108 million).

The report revealed that 300 people fell out of this category where there were 8,300 people last year and 8,600 in 2019.

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A$AP Rocky Agrees Travis Scott ‘Stole’ His Whole Style



A$AP Rocky is seemingly agreeing that fellow rapper Travis Scott, or so it seems, in a new interview teaser reel.

After his much-awaited return to music, A$AP Rocky recently just dropped his comeback single, ‘D.M.B,’ and he is well on a press run to promote his comeback.

A$AP Rocky says that Travis Scott stole his style during an upcoming interview on the Drink Champs podcast.

That question came up again in a teaser for an upcoming episode of rap’s in-house mess factory, Drink Champs with NORE.

“Travis Scott stole his whole style from A$AP Rocky,” N.O.R.E tells the New York rapper.“Yeah,” Rocky agrees.

It isn’t the first time Rocky has discussed the similarities between himself and Travis Scott. Back in 2016, Rocky said during an interview on Hot 97’s Ebro In the Morning that people need to “let shorty rock.”

“You’re hearing it from me, let shorty rock,” he stated at the time. “And let the people decide if he a biter or if he authentic. I’m not saying everybody should be allowed to just take [from] whoever got going on. I’m not implying that. I feel like that whole situation sound petty.”

Despite their superficial physical resemblance, ASAP Rocky and Travis Scott haven’t had the warmest relationship.

In fact, you almost never see the two of them together which, come to think of it, probably contributed to them being mistaken for each other all those times.

However, despite some rumors and speculation, Rocky has insisted that there’s no beef between the two men.


However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t agree with certain comparisons between them — namely, the one that Travis jacked ASAP Rocky’s style.

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Dua Lipa Quits Smoking After Throat Infection



Dua Lipa recently revealed that she has put in a lot of effort to treat fans with her best vocals.

The ‘Levitating’ hitmaker is currently on her ‘Future Nostalgia Tour’ and before hitting the road she made the decision to stub out the cigarettes to keep her singing voice in the best condition possible.

During her conversation with The Sun, the Don’t Start Now singer spilt the beans on quitting smoking after suffering a bout of laryngitis.”I had laryngitis in December and that kind of kickstarted me quitting smoking a month earlier than I was supposed to. But I did it and I have stuck to it,” the New Rules singer said.

“I have this habit tracker on my phone where every night I tick off all the good things I have done for my body and things I have done for myself,” she added.

Dua who began the tour in Miami in February and will finish the mammoth run of gigs in November this year in Perth in Australia.

“It is a really, really demanding and relentless show. When you’re in rehearsals and I’m like, ‘Yeah, lets do this dance routine here, and let’s do this and let’s do that.’

According to her ,the current tour is the most physically demanding show she has ever performed, and as well as ditching the cigarettes.

Nothing ever quite prepares you for the real thing, especially when the adrenaline hits and you’re on stage and you feel the energy from the crowd.

That definitely helps you get in the zone and you don’t really think about the toll it can take on your body because the adrenaline is so high.”

The singer expressed feeling ‘invincible’ onstage thanks to her some changes in her health and fitness practices.

“I feel like when I get up on stage there is a different kind of confidence and, you know, I feel very invincible at times when I am performing,” she said during the latest episode of her At Your Service podcast.

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Rihanna and A$AP Rocky throw ‘rave-themed’ baby shower



Rihanna and A$AP Rocky threw a “rave-themed” baby shower.

According to HipHollywood, the Diamonds hitmaker and the rapper – who are expecting their first child together – invited some of their famous pals to the super private bash in Hollywood on Friday.

The outlet claims the pair had guests leave their phones at the door with no filming or photography permitted.

Attendees are said to have worn neon for the rave theme and they left with some personalised gifts, including a T-shirt that read: “I Went To Rih & Rocky’s Rave Shower And All I Got Was This Amazing Shirt.”

The baby shower comes after Rocky was released on $550,000 bail after he was arrested in connection with a shooting in LA.

The 33-year-old rapper – whose real name is Rakim Mayers – was detained by police when his private plane flew into Los Angeles International Airport on April 20 in relation to an alleged incident that took place around 10.20pm on November 6, 2021.

She recently revealed she wasn’t planning a traditional baby shower and that she wanted everyone to “be plastered and crawling out”.


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“I mean it’s lit for a lot of people – I’ve even planned a couple of baby showers like that myself—it’s just not right for me. Personally, I want a party.

I want everyone to be plastered and crawling out. And it’s got to be co-ed! Don’t put me on no wicker chair somewhere with gifts at my feet where everyone is staring at me.”

She also confirmed to not want to hold a gender reveal party, and that she will wait until the couple are ready to share the sex of their little bundle.

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