5 Best Outdoor Dog Chains and Tie-Outs in 2021

While we all wish we had unlimited hours to spend with our furry best friends, some days are busier than others.

A walk around the neighborhood, or making sure our dog’s get enough active exercise each day, isn’t always possible.

1. K9Compass Tangle Free Dog Tie Out and Two Dog Tie Out

When we tested the system with two dogs it did get a little tangled, but we just left them to see if it would untangle naturally (as advertised). After about 5 minutes the cable tangles worked themselves out and the dogs were fine. We made the mistake of not twisting the stake all the way down and the cable wrapped around it, but that was an easy fix and reminder not to take shortcuts.

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The K9 Compass Two Dog Tie Out is our favorite overall chain/tie-out system. It takes about a minute to twist the stake system into the ground, and the angled head does make it a lot easier (also prevents some tangling).

2. Petmate Easyturn Stake with Tie Cable

Pros: Affordable, durable tie and stake.

Cons: Depending on your soil density and consistency of rain, this could stay in the ground better or worse for some people.

The Petmate Easyturn Stake makes setting up an outdoor lead system for your dog a breeze!

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The 18-inch stake resembles a screw and can be easily twisted into the ground to act as a solid hook. The included galvanized steel cable is coated with a weather-resistant poly-vinyl coating and attaches to the stake with ease.

Use it in your yard or while traveling for hands-free walks.

3. BV Pet Reflective Tie-Out Cable

The 30-foot BV Pet Reflective Tie-Out Cable is reflective for extra safety at night. You’ll have extra peace of mind knowing your pup will be seen easily if visible in your busy neighborhood.

The 100% steel cable is lightweight and comes equipped with clips on each end for easy attachment to trees, fixtures, or stakes. With three available models for dogs anywhere up to 250 pounds. (huge!), you’re sure to find one that fits your pup’s unique needs.

BV Pet Heavy Extra-Large Tie Out Cable for dogs up to 125 Pound, 30-Fe — BV  Pets Supplies

This cable is cold-weather approved and quality tested to last a long time.

4.Sport dog Check Cord Dog Leash

The high visible bright orange SportDOG Check Cord Dog Leash is 30-feet long and lightweight.

Designed to prevent knots and be tangle-free, it easily coils up to go where you go.

Brass clips on either end clip onto your dog’s collar or fixtures in your yard. Made for dogs of all sizes, it’s a good, sturdy lead that won’t scratch your hands like a worn-out cable lead might.

Prairiewind Decoys. 30' Floaingt Check Cord / Dog Lead (AV02170) by Avery  Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG

Pros: Soft cord, bright color.

Cons: No stake or attachment fixture included.

5. Favorite Tie Out Cable

This colorful Favorite Tie Out vinyl-coated galvanized cable offers a 30-foot radius for your dog to run and play.

Clip one end to your dog’s collar and the other around a tree, or use the included screws and springs to affix the cable between two objects in your yard for a designated run.

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Made to withstand the pull and weight of a dog up to 50 pounds., this cable is durable and reliable as a backyard dog accessory. Springs near the clips prevent jerking when you pet reaches the end of the line, keeping them safer and out of harm’s way.