512 group members in a WhatsApp group and other essential WhatsApp updates in 2022

Whatsapp is a messaging app that has been fully embraced by people. It makes communication swift and easy. It’s a messaging app that guarantees end-to-end encryption, clear video calls, and voice calls.

But in an era where there are messaging apps promising to give their users a wonderful messaging experience WhatsApp has decided to update its features to make its users happy.

Here are the top updates WhatsApp has rolled out to its users in 2022.

512 people in a group

WhatsApp users will from today 10th June 2022 be able to add up to 512 people to a group. This was a great rise from their previous 256 maximum earlier fixed by the platform. Whatsapp stated that the move took longer so as to ensure privacy and safe and secure communication.

Reaction to messages

You can long-press on the message you want to react to. The available emoji will pop up, and you can tap any of them to select. You’ll see the reaction emoji at the bottom of the message bubble, and so will the person on the other end. You can check who has reacted to a message by tapping on the emoji on a message bubble.

Improve WhatsApp voice note

Whatsapp voice not has been around for a while but WhatsApp has improved its features. You do not have to be on a particular chat to listen to the voice note you can reply to other messages as you listen.

In case you close the vice message you can resume from where you left it. It lets you pause when recording a message s that you can get your thoughts n order. With voice notes, you get a chance to listen to them before sending them. It has an amazing waveform visualization that represents sound on the voice message indicating the recording is on.

Leaving group chats silently

Whatsapp is still in talks on how to add a feature that allows you to leave a group chat silently without alerting other members. Imagine leaving a group and no other group member knows it apart from the group admin.


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Increase file transfer to 2GB

Right now if you want to send a file through WhatsApp the maximum should be 100mbs.More than that you have to back up the file on google drive before sending it.

With this upcoming update, the time the download of the file will be complete will be stipulated and it’s advisable to download over wifi.