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6 provisions Babu Owino has to fulfill for DJ Evolve



It has now emerged that Babu Owino has to clear DJ Evolve’s hospital bill which currently stands at Ksh 17 million.

Felix Orinda, popularly known as DJ Evolve, withdrew the case Babu Owino in which the legislator was accused of attempted murder.

The state will still charge the legislator with a second count of behaving in a disorderly manner while carrying a firearm.

Below are the provisions Babu Owino has to provide for Evolve to ensure he lives a comfortable life as he makes a recovery.

  • Clear the million hospital bill.
  • Buy a Noah and customize it for DJ Evolve.
  • Buy a house for Orinda (DJ Evolve) and register it under his name and that of his parents.
  • Build the DJ another house in Utawala.
  • Set up a DJ Academy.
  • Pay nursing costs until DJ Evolve recovers.

DJ Evolve is still paralyzed after he was shot in the neck by Babu Owino in January 2020 inside B-Club.

“If any party fails to comply with any of the terms of these agreements, either party shall be at liberty to rescind the agreement or to sue  for the breach.”Judge said

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UK firm to build a new city worth Sh29B next to Nairobi CBD



Plans to upgrade Nairobi Central Railway Station have begun after Kenya made a deal with the United Kingdom to modernize the station.

January 18 the UK High Commissioner to Kenya shared design plans for the new railway station, terming it as one of her favourite projects in Kenya.

Atkins Global UK-based firm is behind the new Nairobi Central Railway Station design as well as the larger Railway City project which is expected to cost Sh29 billion.

“UK firm Atkins Global has been appointed to design Nairobi’s new Central Train Station and associated public realm, which will provide the centerpiece of Nairobi Railway City,” said UK’s Minister for Africa.

Railway City will take up the land surrounded by Haile Selassie Avenue, Uhuru Highway and Bunyala Road.

The new Railway City is expected to reduce congestion in the CBD and expand Kenya’s capital by building mixed-use commercial developments, hotels and intermodal facilities.

The project will be implemented in phases for 20 years, with the first phase expected to be complete by 2030.

Matatus currently operating around Kenya Railways Central Station will be removed by end of this month. This will facilitate works on Nairobi Railway City,” 

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Eric Omondi’s public outcry over Jimi Wanjigi’s office raid



Comedian Eric Omondi has weighed in on the raid at Jimi Wanjigi’s office, claiming that his boss (Wanjigi) and his family have not eaten anything for 16 hours.

“I can’t believe this is still happening in 2022. This is a shame to Kenya and Africa at large.

The people in this compound have been subjected to the most inhumane of conditions. They have not eaten anything for 16 hours,” said Omondi.

In a video, on Twitter the comedian complained that his female colleague who has been prevented from leaving Wanjigi’s office needs medical attention.

“There is a lady colleague of ours whose life is in danger because she needs to take her medicine.

The doctor is out here and she would not be allowed in. We are begging them to at least let her out so she can get urgent medical attention,” posed Eric Omondi.

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Warrant of arrest issued against Jimi Wanjigi

“My boss @jimi.wanjigi has been asking for any form of order or warrant to no avail,” said Omondi.

On Tuesday, Jimmy told Capital FM that he doesn’t know why police raided his Kwacha office, located in Westlands – Nairobi.

“I don’t want to speculate or guess but your guess is as good as mine. I do not know why they raided my offices, and my lawyers also are not aware of anything,” Jimi Wanjigi said.

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Warrant of arrest issued against Jimi Wanjigi



Court has issued a warrant of arrest against Jimi Wanjigi and sent summons to his wife Irene Nzisa Wanjigi and 6 others to appear in court to face Ksh56M land fraud charges.

 They are all charged with land fraud in six counts ranging from obtaining money by false pretences.

By uttering forged documents, procuring the execution of a company by false pretences, forgery of deed plans and forgery of grant contrary to the law.

Wanjigi, his wife and the six others are alleged to have committed a land fraud offence on diverse dates between April 9, 2010, and June 5, 2018, at an unknown place within the Republic of Kenya.

He is alleged to have conspired to forge a title deed for land registered as IR 65800 LR.NO.1870/11/200 deed plan No.175145 dated July 20 1993 under the name of Horizon hills limited.

The other suspects are;

Himanshu Velji Dodhia alias Himanshu Velji, Premchard Dodhia, Kameez Noorani, Mohammed Hussein Noorani , Mohamed Hussanali, Kairu Augustine Thuo and John Nyanjua Njenga.

Magistrate Bernard Ochoi hence ordered Wanjigi and his co-accused to appear in court on Monday next week.

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