A Painting depicting a daughter’s love for her father

First look at the painting without explanation will have your mind reeling. Most of the time it looks obscene and gets a negative review. Especially since it’s a depiction of a man sucking a woman’s breast. And the woman in question is his daughter. But what is the painting really about?

It’s about a daughter named Pero and her father Cimon. The father was arrested and sentenced to starve and die.

The daughter learning of her father’s prison sentence pleaded with the government in place to let her visit her father. Knowing that her father will die from hunger she decided that at every visit she made she will be breastfeeding him as she would not be allowed by a guard to carry him food.


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This act extended her father’s life in prison. Which grew the guards’ suspicion. while visiting her father the guards hid and watched as Pero breastfed her father.

She was arrested and a case was made against her. But the government was so touched by her selfless and courageous act and decided to release the old man.


This painting though confusing at a glance shows a daughter’s love for a father. And she would do anything to keep him alive. The painting has inspired a lot of artists and teaching people unconditional love.

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