Are you an Instagram influencer?Here is why you shouldn’t buy followers

Instagram is a social media platform with more than a billion monthly active users and thus is opening huge opportunities for brands to find clients and get their products a wider market.

That’s why many people are finding ways to acquire more Instagram followers, and that’s why people will have to start buying fake followers to grow the number of followers.

But how safe is buying fake Instagram followers for your account? You will definitely get a huge number of followers you want, especially if you are a brand.

Here are the top 6 reasons you should avoid buying fake followers.

Fake Instagram followers don’t engage with your account.

When you choose to buy Instagram followers, you have to know that some followers may not be real people but fake bots accounts.

You may only get a comment, and it may not even be related to your post.

You can not make money using fake followers

Sometimes whether real or fake bought, followers are likely not going to spend money on your products or refer people.

They do not even understand the reason why they followed you. They may like your posts or comment, but the conversion rate from that is too low.

Destroys your credibility as an influencer

if you are an influencer and fond of buying followers, you are putting your career on the line; brands are able to recognize an account with fake followers and won’t hire you.

Getting real followers takes time, but once your popularity grows, you will most likely gt an influencer gig.

Buying followers is against Instagram’s terms.

Instagram has a policy against buying followers; they also have the liberty to remove the fake followers from your account.

They also have the right to suspend an account affiliated with buying fake followers. Instagram also give their users the first-time warning.

Insensitive and vulgar comments

Your fake Instagram followers can comment on the posts you have put up. The comments might be unrelated to your post; some may be vulgar comments, and others might even promote racism.

This will make you lose real followers as they may conclude you are part of it. And those are your views as you are associated with your followers.


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Bought followers bring spam with them.

Once you decide to buy fake followers, just know you are opening up yourself to spammers on your Instagram account, and if when purchasing, you gave the seller your email, they may spam your email.

Spammers will also have access to your followers, and your followers might trust them if you follow them. Once they start to spam them, your genuine followers might unfollow you once they realize foul play on your account.


If you want to build a big brand, avoid buying fake followers, it lowers your credibility. It also makes you susceptible to spammers, and you might lose your customers and big brands.