Arimis, Safaricom, Equity are the Most Cherished Brands by Kenyan Women

A study has revealed that Safaricom, Airtel, Arimis, and Equity Bank are the most loved brands by Kenyan women.

The survey was done by research firm IPSOS and BSD group, in their second study and ranking of the Top 100 most loved brands by women in Kenya 2022.

Women are majority owners of small and micro enterprises. The study is aimed at revealing the preferences and habits that drive their purchasing pattern in consumer goods and services in the country.

Women Impact in the Economy

The research shows that 80% of consumer decisions are made by women.

“The research shows the role that telecommunications and financial services play in the lives of Kenya’s women, who are majority owners of small and micro enterprises,” says the study.

Speaking on 28 Appril at report’s launch, BSD Group CEO-Eva Muraya said the study speaks directly to the economic empowerment of women from their purchasing power.

Additionally, the survey provides kenyan businesses with insight on market situations an pereferences on choice of business to venture in.

“It also showcases the need for corporates to engage and give opportunities in the development of products and services that address women’s needs because today women account for over 65% of businesses although mainly in the SME sector,” she said.

Ipso CEO-Chris Githaiga said that studies globally show that women’s economic empowerment has more impact in poverty reduction. He therefore, expressed the need to explore emerging demographics.

“The demographic and value of women consumers in Kenya has often remained understated, misunderstood, and ignored,” he said.

Top Brands as per the survey

Although financial institutions and telcos topped the list, the fourth position was taken by Arimis petroleum jelly which has become one of Kenyan’s favourites.

Last year, Arimis was ranked seventh in the inaugural Top 100 brands loved by women.

Nevertheless, the list saw brands such as smaller neighbourhood supermarkets, hospitals, milk brands, personal care, hair and body care products, flour and mobile phone lending services also make a strong showing. 

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In position six was Sanitary towel brand Always, followed by Coca Cola (7) , Naivas Supermarket (8), Gotv-pay tv channel (9), while KCB Bank closed at position ten.

The survey sample was drawn from all former provinces, and covered women from across age groups and socio-economic backgrounds. The regions covered include Coast, North Eastern, Eastern, Central, Rift Valley, Western, Nyanza and Nairobi.

The Importance of the Study

Mr. Gitahiga said that the Top 100 most loved brands by women used the best of science, technology, and know-how to carry out the research. It helps clients act faster, smarter, and bolder with surety in the women markets space. 

He stated how initially it has been difficult to attach a number to the holistic value of a brand in the country. Furthermore, communication was done in a way that couldn’t be relied on by investors, CEOs and policy makers as a decision making guide.

Rachel Shebesh, Public Service & Gender Affairs Chief Administrative Secretray, indicated that her ministry would address the cruscial issues highlighted in the research.

“We are pleased that the insights collected in this study bring out issues affecting women in Kenya which will inform development of evidence based policies by the government,” she said.