Article 99(3) and Article 193(3) were, mischievously, sneaked into the Constitution by MPs in Naivasha

To protect politicians by watering down Chapter Six (Leadership and Integrity) of the Constitution.

That’s why they appear under Legislature Chapters of the Constitution. Leadership is a calling to serve humanity.

It’s not a career from which to earn a living. Yet, MPs and MCAs receive pensionable basic salary of Ksh. 710,000.

Full time state officers

While they aren’t full time State officers under Article 77(1) of Chapter Six of the Constitution. They are entitled to stipulated allowances only.

Which they receive alongside a salary they don’t work for and, therefore, don’t deserve. Pensionable employment has age limits.

Within which to retire in order to qualify for pension and other retirement benefits. The current MPs will walk away with Ksh. 13 million each in lumpsum after August 09 2022.

Pension of Ksh. 125, 000 per month

Thereafter, they will be placed on pension of Ksh. 125,000 per month for a lifetime. They are still eligible to run for the same office for a lifetime.

They will have defended their seats or upgraded to gubernatorial seats. That’s legislated theft from public coffers.

It’s a reverse to the meaning of integrity. Integrity simply means doing the right thing all the time. It’s what you do when no one is watching you.

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You don’t look over your shoulders if you are a person of integrity. Looking over shoulders before doing something means you are conscious of the fact that what you desire to do isn’t right.

So you don’t want any one to see you do what’s not right. Integrity is a moral aspect. It’s ethical. It doesn’t require legislation.

It’s not right for IEBC to clear suspects to vie for elective (leadership) positions, relying on Articles 99(3) and 193(3) and court ruling of 2013 that allowed ICC inductees to occupy the highest office in the land.

High cost of living

The high cost of living hasn’t spared anyone. These mischievous Articles are outside Chapter Six of the Constitution.

To allow impeached persons to run for public office is complicity in corruption and breeds impunity. They win elections by corruption.

The IEBC is failing in its vetting mandate to present aspirants of integrity to the electorate. It’s tantamount to suspending Chapter Six of the Constitution.

Electing thieves

Voters can’t be blamed for electing thieves and thugs to public offices. They have no powers to push court cases intended to clear the suspects.

The suspects ensure the delays occur to continue with their pilfering of public coffers. It’s unhonourable. What’s my point?

We should recognize the reasons Chapter Six was included in the Constitution by barring entry of suspects into elective or appointive offices, Articles 99(3) and Article 193(3) notwithstanding.

Company level

Even at company level, you can’t hire a known suspect into your firm, regardless of court processes. It should be more strict for public offices.