Inside Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance manifesto. launched 2022

Azimio La Umoja, under the One Kenya Alliance, has officially launched its manifesto.

Agenda 1 Azimio La Ugatuzi

This includes increasing resources meant for devolved functions. It is under a one county one product program that. Will see every county empowered to manufacture one product.

Agenda 2 Azimio La Jitihada

Here manufacturing is envisaged as the main economic driver. This should result in massive job creation. MSMEs including Juakali are also considered in this agenda.

Agenda 3 Azimio La Kina Mama

This agenda will focus on facilitation of women. In the actual driving of the economy. Basing on their population and vigor. This is one of the core agendas of Azimio La Umoja.

Agenda 4 Azimio La Ukulima

Fukuza njaa under which the coalition. Will focus on enabling factors for smart agriculture. It will also look at agroprocessing, improved livestock farming. And the blue economy.

Agenda 5 Azimio La Viwanda

The coalition will adopt new emerging technologies. To bolster the manufacturing capacity of current manufacturers.

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Agenda 6 Azimio La Wananchi

Therein, the coalition recognizes that whichever administration. Comes into power, the people remain sovereign. There should therefore be no disastrous social economic disruption.

Agenda 7 Azimio La Uwajibikaji

Custodians of power must be accountable to the electorate. The cornerstones of this agenda are battling corruption and ensuring. Efficiency and optimality in public service delivery.

Agenda 8 Waste not a single child

Education is non negotiable. The coalition will ensure 100 percent enrollment. Across all levels of education offered in Kenya.

Agenda 9 Maji kwa kila boma

There shall be connected piped, clean and safe drinking water to all households in Kenya.

Agenda 10 Baba care

This will replicate Obama care.

This the Azimio La Umoja Agenda in basic terms.