Bad Boys Franchise Secrets

Bad Boys is a 1995 American buddy cop action comedy film that has more production sequels over the years.

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith proved to be an irresistible pair through the action-packed, hilarious buddy cop franchise.

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith haven’t been bad boys for life just yet, but they have been on the job for a quarter of a century.

Since they proved to be an irresistible comedic duo in Bad Boys.

The action blockbuster that made movie stars out of Smith and Lawrence, gave director Michael Bay a taste for major action sequences and launched a franchise that took its damn time to come together.


1. Bad Boys marked the feature directorial debut of Michael Bay.

2. As originally conceived by producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don SimpsonBad Boys would’ve been called Bulletproof Hearts.

 Starred Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz as Mike and Marcus. So that would have been different.

3. Once they had refined the concept, Will Smith still wasn’t everyone’s first choice.

Arsenio Hall turned down the role of daredevil Miami detective Mike Lowrey—which he realized in hindsight wasn’t a great move.

4. Bay battled the studio at multiple turns to get his creative choices (such as Will Smith chasing down a suspect bare-chested)

He credits Smith and Lawrence’s willingness to work on the script with him every day and how agile they were with improvising lines with saving the movie.

5. Bad Boys was to be directed with $100,000 and Bay used $25,000 of it to pay the crew for overtime.

6. That’s Michael Bay’s own Porsche in the opening carjacking scene.

6. Apparently there could have been even more profanity, but Bay revealed in his director’s commentary that his mother objected to how much swearing there was in the first cut that she saw, so there are only a dozen f-bombs instead of 18.

7. Téa Leoni’s first ever film set.

 8. Will Smith credits Bay for propelling him to movie stardom with his shirtless vision because afterward, he released Independence Day and Men In Black.

9. Bay admitted that he argued with both of his leading men, but the longest fight may have been with Smith over Bay wanting Mike to tell Marcus “Hey, man, I love you,” but Smith did not think the line was believable.

10. Happily for Bay, who lamented his paltry $17 million budget for Bad Boys, he had $130 million to play with this time.

11. Gabrielle Union joined the Bad Boys II squad as Marcus’ sister; undercover DEA Agent Sydney Burnett.

12. Bad Boys II was widely panned, but it still made $273 million worldwide.

13. Much more well-received was the Sean “Diddy” Combs-produced soundtrack.

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