BBI’s expanded national executive is not a solution to exclusivity

Inclusivity is not about a select few sitting at the high table. Leaders do not eat for their followers.

Inclusivity is about making opportunities available to all and sundry to earn a dignified living.

If the expanded National Executive is meant to pacify the big five ethnic groups, let the BBI Bill decree.

The big five

That the five slots (President, Deputy President, Prime Minister, and two Deputy Prime Ministers) be reserved for the big five (Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo, Kalenjin, and Kamba).

Otherwise, what will happen to one or more of the tribes that may miss out? The answer is, ‘nothing will happen.

Inclusivity at the top is, just, assuaging tribal kingpins not to incite their fanatical following after being rigged out.

Competitive elections

It’s impunity. There is never a draw in competitive elections. The BBI Bill will reduce elections to a selection of a few dealers to access and deplete the public feeding trough.

The Constitution decrees that State appointments must show the face of Kenya in terms of regions and ethnic composition.

That is inclusivity. The National Executive (Cabinet) decides on the distribution of the national resources.

The cabinet

Today, the Cabinet has no member from any of the four Counties of the former Western Province.

The Region has been reduced to a political playing field for potential presidential candidates.

The Region is home to the second-largest ethnic community, the Luhya. Yet, people in the Region are not holding demonstrations for being excluded from the Cabinet.

Appointing authority

They know the problem is the Appointing Authority (President), who is insensitive to their rights of representation.

Yet, he is the initiator of the BBI Bill that does not say what will drive the next President to make the right appointments and do them right.

After tasting the sweetness of the Presidency, the Kikuyu and Kalenjin leaders have taken it as their entitlement to exchange between them.

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Resorted to rigging

That’s the problem. They have resorted to rigging to lock out Raila, the only outsider capable of unseating them.

Now, they brand him as a serial bitter loser. Unfortunately, Raila seems fatigued and no longer a threat.

He has decided to obey the maxim, “if you can’t beat them, join them”. The system is taking Raila’s reform credentials to push the poisonous Bill.

Autocratic rule

The return of the dreaded autocratic rule is in the offing, courtesy of Raila. We can’t blame Raila, wholesale for this single but costly error.

He is human. It’s a result of suffering and frustrations he has encountered at a personal cost.

We have failed to give him a resounding victory as we did for Kibaki to dislodge KANU in 2002.

Kikuyu or Kalenjin

My only prayer is that he should not use BBI to create conditions that will favor another Kikuyu or Kalenjin to succeed President Uhuru.

Unfortunately, the elephant in the room (IEBC) that denied him victories remains intact. The Treasury approved Ksh. 94 million for its verification of signatures alone.

Surely, you retain the bunglers of elections in the same body’s structures and the same rivals and expect different results. It’s a joke.