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Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Needs To Know.



When it comes to makeup, quality makes all the difference. If you want yours to look good, last all day, and be gentle on your skin, you must be careful about what products you use. Luckily, the industry has top brands that consistently deliver high-quality, top-notch products to satisfy your beauty needs. Stick to these best makeup brands and you’ll never regret another makeup purchase again. Here are some of the best makeup brands you can get;


You’ll feel as glamorous and sophisticated as Coco herself when wearing CHANEL makeup. The brand’s luxury beauty products are just as chic and stylish as the clothes that it creates. Although a single lipstick may set you back around AU$50, the quality of this cosmetics range is well worth the extra cost.

2. Dior

Creativity, luxury, and excellence are all words associated with Dior and its cosmetics range. If you haven’t tried any of the brand’s products, be sure to do so immediately. The Dior Addict lipstick is a signature product for the label and a fantastic place to start.

3. L’Oreal

When it comes to beauty, L’Oreal is a global leader. The French company offers women everywhere luxury and superior quality cosmetics at affordable prices. Whether you need foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, or any other makeup product, you’ll never be disappointed with L’Oreal.

4. Maybelline New York

Maybelline, which started as a small, family-owned business, is now the top cosmetics company in America. The brand continuously delivers scientifically-advanced products in the latest trend-setting shades.

5. MAC

Since its creation in 1984, MAC has been known as a global makeup artistry leader and the ultimate color authority. Creativity, trendsetting, and diversity are all at the root of this business, which is famous for impressive collections and collaborations.


NARS was created with the intention of empowering women to experiment and have fun with makeup. Today, the brand still maintains this mission and prides itself on teaching ladies how to enhance their natural beauty and individual characteristics.

7. Revlon

Revlon’s vision is “glamour, excitement, and innovation through high-quality products at affordable prices”, and that’s precisely what you can expect from this label. The trend-setting cosmetics and beauty company never fails to provide excellent products that’ll keep both you and your bank balance happy.

8. Clinique

Clinique has had the same mission since 1968 and continues to deliver on its endeavor to provide the highest quality and most effective products to enhance every skin type and tone. As part of this effort, the brand creates incredible makeup that is custom-fit to your complexion.

9. Sephora

When shopping for makeup, there’s no better place to go than Sephora. The beauty retailer offers an incredible range of products from top cosmetics brands, including its in-house range, Sephora Collection.

10. NYX

Exceptional quality, rich pigments, and affordable prices have all helped to cement NYX as one of the fastest-growing beauty brands. Featuring a range of classic, seasonal, and on-trend cosmetics, the brand has become a must-have label amongst beauty lovers and professional makeup artists alike.

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