BOBBY SHMURDA has a ‘bunch of collabos’ with ROWDY REBEL ‘that got to get cleared’

Speaking to Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1 on Tuesday (August 23), Bobby wasted no time speaking about his relationship with his fellow Brooklynite and revealed the pair have multiple songs in the stash.

“We got a bunch of collabs that got to get cleared,” Bobby said. “Hell yeah, tapes. Hell yeah, we still make music to this day.

“Last time we made a song together, like, I think last month, like two, three weeks ago. We still make songs. We got like over eight, nine songs, we could get a mixtape out right now.”

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“Something we had was supposed to get cleared with somebody, it didn’t get cleared, the whole situation,” Bobby said. “I ain’t going to name the artist, because we ain’t got time for that shit.

“One of these artists, we’ll talk about it, and the song didn’t get cleared because of the artist, and a whole bunch of bullshit. He had a whole bunch of other shit going on.

He continued: “Me, Rowdy and the guy had a crazy fucking, like a ‘Shmoney.’ But the shit, that was going to be his to-go song, that was going to be his song to lead on Rowdy’s shit. And we still got it in the stash, but the guy got to get clearances.

“They tried to play that against me ’cause they wanted me to cop-out,” said Bobby during the interview last year. “They tried to use Rowdy [Rebel] against me as leverage like, ‘Aight, we gone give Rowdy twelve [years], we gone give him the max if you don’t cop out with him.’ And I’m like, ‘You gone do that to my side?’”