6 Celebrities you can find their houses on Airbnb

If you are looking for a home or house for your upcoming getaway, Airbnb has got you covered. Airbnb works in a way that you can find any accommodation you want; you can even get yourself a castle or a cottage somewhere you can live like the rich and famous.

It may be a former or current home of a celebrity that has been put up on the Airbnb catalog.
Here is a list of celebrity homes that have been listed as Airbnb.

Issa Rae Home

She is mostly known for her hit series insecure. Issa is putting up her house on Airbnb at $56 per night.

The beautiful home with a nice interior design is located in the same venue her famous series insecure was filmed and based. You will also get to enjoy a beautiful view of Los Angeles and Hollywood Hills.

John Steinbeck’s home

You will have to rent this house for a month to stay here and at a rate of $70 per night. A stay in this house will activate and grow your artistic side and overall relaxation. It’s dubbed storybook Pacific Grove, California.

Julie Andrews former home

She is a famous Mary Poppins and Sound of Music actress and is rumored to have lived in Accord, New york.

The listing shows that the Oscar-winning actor faithfully retained the original dance studio, industrial kitchen and muted multitoned pallet, and an upgraded master bathroom with a sumptuous doubled tub.

Jimi Hendrix

This is a cottage dated to the 1930s. It is known as the Maui Cottage, and this is where Hendrix stayed in the 1970s to film the Rainbow Bridge. You can enjoy your stay at this magnificent house for only $195 a night.

F.Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s home

It is for the great fans of The Great Gatsby or any of Fitzgerald’s books who would like to stay at their former Montgomery, Alabama home. They both stayed at this home from 1931 to 1932 during the Great Depression.

It is a storey building; the downstairs has a museum, and the upstairs has two suites, and you only have to pay $80 per night.

Sonny and Chers home

It is a home Cher lived with her former partner, Sonny. A stay in this house guarantees you a star-studded getaway in the city of Los Angeles.

The tall house is not only a star-studded home but has been named as an architectural landmark by the LA Conservancy. To stay a night, you have to part with $600.


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Celebrity homes guarantee you a great interior design and a beautiful view as they choose their home location well. Though expensive you will have a great experience of living like the rich and famous.