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China unveils robotic shark drone which uses AI to fire torpedoes at enemy ships



China has developed a new underwater robot that can fire cruise missiles at potential enemies in the ocean. The new weaponized robot is part of a military program called «Drone Warriors», which was developed by the PLA Navy.

China has built a shark drone to help it spy on and hunt down enemy ships and submarines.

The stealthy sea robot can move at speeds of six knots and will help conduct reconnaissance as well as search and destroy missions for the country’s military.

Developed independently by Beijing-based Boya Gongdao Robot Technology, the unmanned device was unveiled at the 7th China Military Intelligent Technology Expo on Monday.

And it has already been deployed for use by the forces.

Most such drones can be fired out of a sub’s torpedo tube, but it is unclear how the Robo-Shark will be launched.

it’s been rumored for years that the People’s Republic of China is mass-producing and/or designing new military drones. Now, according to recent reports, that secret is out. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has begun testing a new type of semi-autonomous underwater vehicle (SAW) called the Type 055 underwater combat vehicle (UCV) or “”””cannon drone”””” for short. The names are significant: The cannon drone is the first Chinese weaponized underwater vehicle to utilize a radar guidance system–a key requirement for an underwater attack. The development of this vehicle comes just six months after China’s first operational deployment of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier group to the Western Pacific.

The Robosea Robo-Shark (R) and Seaflyer underwater drones are displayed at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 9, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada


Want The Best Heaters This Winter- Rare Infrared Heaters Got you



Summer season is approaching and you know how intense the season can always get. So in preparation for this tough season there are ways that can help during the season, this includes having heaters around the house to keep it warm. As the winter season is around the corner, you should consider having a good heater in your home. Today, we are going to show you how to select the best infrared heater for your space, whether you are looking at your house or office space. Deciding which type of heater is best depends on a number of factors.

First of all,how big is the area you need to heat? Do you plan to heat the entire space or just smaller areas inside the house or space? Figuring this out will tell you how many infrared heaters you will need and help narrow down your selection.

Determining where to place the heater is also important. You have to consider whether there are any walls or a ceiling in the patio space or whether there is a lot of wind blowing? This helps you determine where to install your infrared heater to get maximum warming.

Infrared heaters warms more like the way the sun heats the earth. Rather than heat the air, the infrared waves from the infrared heater, heat the objects they come into contact with. This type of heat is great outdoors and indoors because it doesn’t rely on air movement to spread the warmth. Now, you need to know what fuel types are available to you. This is an important factor in choosing which infrared heaters you are able to build in.

Natural gas is more permanent and will need to be professionally installed but usually costs the least to run. Electric is the best choice for enclosed spaces like sunrooms or garages. Propane is the most portable option but can get a little costlier refilling the tanks. Now let’s talk style. Patio heaters come in many shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for a heater you can unpack and use immediately then a freestanding or table top heater may be right for you. These mushroom heaters are portable and simple to use but only heat the immediate area around them- usually about 8-10 feet depending on things like wind or drafts so you may need to get a few to heat your space.

Some more options are wall, ceiling and ground mount patio heaters. These are permanent fixtures and heat larger areas. They are low maintenance and are less affected by thing like wind. Just know this means you may need to purchase additional mounts and switches and have a licensed professional install the infrared heaters in your home. Now let’s touch on the average heating area.

All infrared heater manufacturers will give you an estimate for what area the heater can warm. These are determined based on optimal circumstances. That means -on average- low humidity and little to no wind… so basically you need to take the weather in your area into consideration.

If constant wind is a factor where you are installing your patio heater then you may want to consider putting up a wind break. If you need to heat larger areas then you may need to use additional heaters closer together. There is a infrared heater to suit every space.

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Having Problems Sending Money Anywhere In East Africa? -Hela send Is The Easiest And Cheapest Way To Send Money Worldwide



Sending money can be hectic sometimes especially when you are abroad. Want to send money anywhere in East Africa? Hela Send is here to solve all your money sending problems. Hela Send enables you to send money to your loved ones fast, and it is also also the safest way to do so. This money sending service also guarantees low fees when you do a transaction. They have clearly defined exchange rates, so not having enough money to make transactions due to the influx of prices is avoided. For forex, Hela Send offers competitive forex rates, and you can only complete a transaction after viewing the provided rate.

Hela Send is the most preferred means of transferring money across Africa. You can also use it for paying bills, shopping, and avoiding exchange house fees. It has an amazing app that is safe for use and enables you to track your transactions, and you will be able to tell the exact status of your transfer.

The Hela Send app is very convenient as it’s available on your phone and can be used anywhere. You can also send and request money in various ways. You can also send money using your bank card; your mpesa account their an impressive cash pick-up feature, cash deposit, and airtime top-up. If you want to send money to your loved ones in Kenya, Uganda, or Tanzania, you can send Hela Send their details on the app, and we’ll send them on to you via email or SMS.

Hela send promises support for their clients as they have an excellent customer support team at your service 24/7. You can reach them on the phone, their social media handles, and email. Hela Send motto is to ensure that your money is delivered safely and quickly to your loved ones. Hela Send is also a genuine venture as its fully licensed by the FCA and other licensed government finance authorities in major markets across Africa and UAE.

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Looking For A Website That Provides All You Need About Football? Best Got All you need



Football is one sport that enjoys support from people of all social statuses and ages from around the globe. Due to its popularity, millions go to stadiums or sit in front of their Televisions to witness a showdown of their favorite teams.

For the love and the passion of this beautiful sport, most people don’t want to miss even a single minute of the action. So, when they are not attending or watching a match on TV, they follow the action online via websites that provide real-time scores. If you are looking for the top sites to enjoy live scores from all around the world, here is one of the best site in Kenya at the moment. .

Are you ready for top betting tips, leagues and commentary on soccer related matters? provides you with all you need about football, from bettingtips, on going games and anything related to soccer. is your number one destination for real-time football scores. This platform provides thousands of football events from all over the world. The site makes it easier for you to locate the game you are looking for by providing a live category that displays games based on the country.

Additionally, this website boasts an intuitive app that works on iOS and Android-powered devices. The app provides fast and more comprehensive live scores. Fans have the option of selecting their preferred matches and get notifications whenever one team scores. The site also features a selection of other favorite games that are available all around the clock.

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