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Chris Kirubi Biography: The life and business profile of the billionaire



Chris Kirubi Biography: Dr. Chris Kirubi or DJ CK as he is commonly referred to as is an exemplary Kenyan entrepreneur. He is a self-made capitalist, who rose from insufficiency to create a multi-million dollar empire worth of investment, property, manufacturing and media companies. Today, he is well-known both internationally and in Kenya. Kirubi was the chairman and shareholder of Haco Tiger Brands (a joint venture with Tiger Brands SA, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange) which he sold off in 2019.

Chris Kirubi Biography: Background

Date of Birth: 1941

Place of Birth: Murang’a district

Ethnicity:        Kikuyu

Residence:      Nairobi, Kenya

Nationality:    Kenyan

Citizenship:     Kenya

(Available Education history is on higher institutions)


  • Handles University
  • Harvard Business School
  • Swiss Management academy
  • Professional Courses

Chris Kirubi Biography: Family: Little is known about his family therefore little is said

Career/ Occupation: Businessman, Industrialist, Entrepreneur

Chris Kirubi Biography: Early Life:

Kirubi, who is a man of modest origins, is remarkably reserved about his past. “There is not much history. I was born a poor boy – an ordinary peasant, I would say. My parents passed on when I was young. But I was lucky to have well-wishers who educated me though I never had a chance to meet them and appreciate,” he says. True to his words, Kirubi was raised in hopeless poverty and he even slept on the streets. Kirubi adds that he would attend school without shoes. In his view, shoes were a luxury that he could not afford. He is quoted saying that “while I was growing up, I feared for ‘tomorrow but I never had a doubt that I would succeed.”

His first jobs helped him develop a sense of self-reliance. “When I was in school I worked during holidays to help myself and my brothers as well. My work experience therefore started many years ago. It builds confidence. It gives you experience as well. It teaches you at a very early stage how to take care of yourself. You learn a lot of discipline – how to manage your time, how to be transparent – and this was a good base for doing my own business. I apply this to whatever I do.”

After high school, Kirubi took up his first formal job with Shell as a sales rep. He moved swiftly through his graduate studies and positions in the pharmaceutical industry, the automotive industry and government before deciding to begin a new journey.

Chris Kirubi Biography: Building a Property Foundation

That journey began with property development. Kirubi possesses one of Kenya’s most iconic buildings, the International House in Nairobi – namesake and headquarters of International House Limited, his property investment firm. “Property was one of the easiest things to try to get into,” Kirubi explains. “Properties were not expensive as they are now. Today in Kenya it is almost impossible to buy. Back then, if you had a friend in the bank to support you it was easy to buy these assets. I used to buy neglected properties, do them up and flog them in the market. It was an area that there were not many people involved in, and it was a very profitable venture.”

Kirubi does not strictly believe that property was the backbone of his success. “It was a combination but the property was where I began. I started on a good footing,” he says. “I was asked by a company to partner with them in manufacturing writing implements and was also trading with a Dutch company. But I got involved with the Dutch company because the MD stayed in one of my properties. We got to know each other and became good friends. With International House, I worked for [the insurance company that was headquartered there]. I used to sell policies and when they decided to close down their offices in Kenya, they offered me the opportunity to buy the building and supported me in talking to the banks, and off we went. So the property was always the foundation.

Chris Kirubi Biography: Entrepreneurial Flair

“Yes, I engage with many aspiring entrepreneurs. In fact, I have always advocated for self-employment as a means to limit the skyrocketing unemployment levels in Kenya. Young people shouldn’t just wait to get absorbed into the formal employment sector but must look at alternative ways of generating income,” Kirubi says.

According to Kirubi, the issues that keep young entrepreneurs awake at night include cash flow, access to financing, competition in the market, and the market’s relative demand for their offerings. At least, those are the issues they frequently ask him about. “What I always assure them is that for the most part, there is nothing new under the sun. Your proposition is not a ‘eureka’ one. It is more likely an offshoot of an old solution adapted to evolving challenges. As such, many other people have gone before you and encountered the same problems. One of the best ways to counter these problems is to get a business mentor and if possible, allow yourself to be incubated until you feel you can stand on your own two feet.”

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Diana Marua says it will cost Ksh850K to book her for a performance



Newly established rapper Diana B is gaining traction after releasing her first song ” Hatutaachana”yet again after revealing her rate card.

On Tuesday, November 30  Diana Bahati revealed that fans will have to incur a total of Ksh850K to hire her for a performance.

“Why are people shocked at my rate card??? Just Ksh 850,000?? Kwani wasanii wanalipangwa pesa ngapi???

For bookings call my management. Diana B on this!” she wrote on social media.

His husband during an interview he revealed that it will cost event managers and promoters KSh 850,000 to book his wife Diana Marua for a performance.

“A normal appearance when she is called to appear as a vlogger is KSh 500,000, so the management rated her at around KSh 850,000 per show,” Bahati announced.

While it may look a little overpriced, on Monday, November, 29 debut song dropped has so far garnered over 640K views with a train of comments and over 45K likes

However, the song is not currently trending on the video app.

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Bahati finally launches lover Diana Marua as the new female artist in town.

Marua claimed that she has written to Youtube to request that her channel be changed from a blogger to an artist in order to get better results.

To her, the song should be among the top trending songs as it is gaining views every second.

“Trending on Twitter #1 Trending on blogs #1 Trending on radio & TV Topics #1 Trending on YouTube .

But they are still shocked because they don’t believe it’s DIANA B! on such punch lines 😅😅😅

I think I need to drop another hot-hit rap track for YouTube to believe #1 trending is destined position! Should I drop it now? she quipped.

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WHO warns against Omicron travel bans as nations shut borders



In a travel advisory, the WHO warned the bans could ultimately dissuade countries from sharing data about the evolving virus.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said it was understandable for countries to seek to protect their citizens “against a variant we don’t yet fully understand”.

The likely futility of broad travel restrictions was underscored as Dutch authorities reported that Omicron was present in the country before South Africa officially reported its first cases on November 25.

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The new Omicron variant, what you need to know

Rwanda bans Southern Africa flights

The new variant whose high number of mutations the WHO believes may make it more transmissible or resistant to vaccines was found in two Dutch test samples from November 19 and 23, with one having no travel history.

So far, well over a dozen countries and territories have detected cases, including Australia, Britain, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy and Portugal.

However, US President Joe Biden said the travel bans on just the southern African nations would stay in place, without referencing the other places where Omicron has been detected.

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Rick Ross & Hamisa Mobetto’s Dubai vacation makes headlines in US



 rapper and business mogul Rick Ross was spotted hanging out with Tanzanian actress and model Hamisa Mobetto.

The two were together in Dubai at Club Blu where the rapper was performing on Thursday night, November 25.

Word on the street in the US is that the two could be dating after their video made headlines.

Rick Ross and his rumored boo model Hamisa Mobetto having a good time in Dubai,” The Shade Room reported.

Back in September the US rapper was asked about his relationship with the Tanzanian Actress Hamisa Mobetto .

 “To be honest, there is a connection but then I’m going to leave it to her to explain the nature of the relationship we share.”He responded

She is such a beautiful person, beautiful spirit and she is a huge entrepreneur and I want to help her take it to the next level.”He continued

In the past few months, Ross has been gushing over Ms Mobetto’s beauty in almost every photo she uploads, an act that has left many with questions.

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