DP Ruto woos Mudavadi and Wetangula. It started underwater in 2021!

Raila moves to win Western without Mudavadi, Wetangula (The Star, December 15, 2021)”The next Government will be of either Raila or Ruto.

So Musalia and Wetangula need to make up their minds,” said Wamalwa (The Star, December 15, 2021)DP Ruto alleges intimidation and harassment of his allies (The Standard, December 15, 2021).

Both Raila and Ruto camps are demeaning and downplaying the OKA principals to sustain the two-horse race tune.

Intimidation of OKA Principals

That’s intimidation of the OKA principals into believing they have no chance and give up on their bid for the presidency.

All this is the work of compromised pundits and the Media. The same DP is complaining of State intimidation of his allies.

Both camps have the fear of a united OKA candidate who attract no negative campaign they can ride on.

Ruto believes Raila

Ruto believes Raila is a serial loser, and therefore, an easy prey at the ballot. Kenyans are tired of cries of foul play from the same person in every election.

He wishes OKA principals to be on his side or field a candidate to spoil for Raila. It’s all about making former NASA strongholds to be the battlefield of undecided voters.

On the other hand, Raila has dismissed Ruto as a small person of inconsequential and his political student.

Assured of systems support

He’s assured of system’s support and confident to galvanize NASA strongholds to remain intact, rebellion from OKA principals notwithstanding.

The unveiling of DAP-K is confirmation Raila is behind squabbles in ANC and FORD-K. Wamalwa urges the OKA duo to embrace Azimio La Umoja Movement (ALUM) if they expect to be in government as if Mudavadi is dying to join government.

The fact Raila’s proxies failed to dislodge Wetangula from FORD-K and decamped to Wamalwa’s DAP-K should send alarm bell to Raila over the state of the Mulembe vote.

OKA through Wamalwa, Atwoli and Oparanya

Raila started undermining the OKA duo through Wamalwa, Atwoli and Oparanya. Wamalwa is enjoying the fruits of being in government as CS, which is being someone’s mtu wa mikono. Like Raila, Mudavadi wants to succeed Uhuru.

That’s a different league. He’s beyond singing the tunes of his former juniors in public service like Ruto.

For now, the ground in the Mulembe nation is neither for Raila nor Ruto. Despite the loudmouthed and imposing ODM and UDA foot soldiers’ attempts to create waves, OKA is a formidable force in the region.

Man to carry flag

Mudavadi is their man to carry the OKA flag. Raila shouldn’t be cheated by pundit Manyora and Atwoli’s outbursts.

They read from the past happenings before the Handshake. Vindu viachenjikha mutsingova.Raila should ignore Wamalwa’s DAP-K and Governor Oparanya’s dismissive of the OKA duo.

He should directly approach the former NASA trio for reconciliation without conditions or risk crowning Ruto, come August 10, 2021.

Raila and Ruto know that OKA is not a push over

Both Raila and Ruto know that OKA is not a pushover. They can’t be discussing and fighting to neutralize non-viable opponents.

That’s the propaganda game of intimidation that the two horses are playing on OKA principals to give up on the race.

It would make sense if Wamalwa said Raila will form the next Government. Instead, he still gives him an either/or probability, meaning he will also miss out being in government if Raila loses as usual.

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Wamalwa is obsessed

Wamalwa is obsessed with worries of Mudavadi missing out to be in the next government. Being in government is about oneself, family and friends, besides singing the president’s tunes.

That’s what Wamalwa wants Mudavadi to continue dreaming of. It’s over fifteen years since Wamalwa and Oparanya joined government.

Yet, the maize and sugar sectors remain in shambles. Mudavadi’s most public life was spent serving as Minister in various dockets, rising to Deputy Prime Minister and vice president.

Lifeline sectors of the Mulembe Nation

He could do little about these lifeline sectors of the Mulembe nation. Raila was Prime Minister but the sugar sector collapsed under his watch.

Today, Mudavadi could be a CS in government like Wamalwa if he didn’t decline the offer. He’s beyond the level of CS.

He wants to give back to society as the symbol of national unity.

Government to shape government policy

He wants to form government to shape the country’s policy and politics in controlling national resources and distribution.

He’s ready to look Kenyans in the eye and caution them against being gullible to the propaganda propagated by the two horses.

Wamalwa and Oparanya are playing sibling rivalry in trying to derail their brother’s ascend to power.

They dismiss OKA

The more they dismiss OKA the more the outfit is receiving notice through airtime and press coverage as the force to reckon with.

It’s a blessing in disguise. I like it because there’s nothing like bad publicity in politics. People can’t vote for OKA unless they hear about it and its principals.

It’s when voters are becoming curious to know better and understand this OKA political animal.

Reporting Intimidation

By accident, the media is popularizing OKA by reporting intimidation by the two horses. The OKA principals should stick together, agree on the joint flag bearer and consult.

Mike Sonko to show them how he sprang a surprise on favourites Reuben Ndolo and the late Wathika in the Makadara by-election.

They never recovered from the shock defeat landed on them by the novice.It’s fine that DP Ruto came to my home village market (Butali) and wooed Mudavadi and Wetangula, without his usual labels.

A neighbour

We welcomed him warmly as a neighbour but those in attendance were unhappy that he dishes millions of Shillings during his visits to the Mt. Kenya Region.

But left them empty-handed. Other than wooing the OKA duo to work with UDA instead of ALUM, he didn’t tell us why he wants us to elect him President. He carried no campaign message for the Malava people.

We’re already sensitizing voters that corruption is the cause of economic meltdown and the unbearable high cost of living we are experiencing in this dynamic duo’s government.

Economic models

It’s nothing to do with economic models. Ruto’s economic advisor boosted our campaign against UDA by stating on his Twitter handle that UDA

Is not promising to fight corruption. He said, he himself enjoys it

The DP neither refuted the claim nor did David Ndii report if his Twitter account had been hugged.

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