Dropshipping 101 :Factors to consider before starting a dropshipping business

The world of entrepreneurship is advancing, and now it’s an online field. Many business success has been attributed to technology as it makes it easy to market and showcase your business to anyone. The internet is a global village.
The latest field of online business is the dropshipping business.

Dropshipping is a business model that allows a business person or trader to start an online business of selling products to their buyers without actually stocking the items themselves.

Instead, when they sell a buyer something, they purchase the product from the supplier, a third party to deliver directly to their client.

Factors to consider before starting a dropshipping business

Choose a dropshipping business idea

When going for dropshipping, analyze the market you want to infiltrate into. You may choose electronics, toys, stickers, and even clothes.

choose a product to sell with competitive market

Ensure the product you want to sell will sell easily and make a great profit.
Check your market competitors so you know how to price.

Find a dropshipping supplier

Look out for a good supplier with quality, affordable and legit products. Fake products will earn you bad reviews and lose your business.

Register your business with the government

Customers like to buy products from a legit and registered trader because there are many cons in the market. A registered business builds your customers’ trust.

Load your products on your online site

Upload pictures of your products on your online platform. Make them catchy and be of good quality.

Stark marketing your dropshipping store

You can not get customers without advertising your products. Run online campaigns and ads to market your products, and you can introduce discounts for your customers.

Pros of dropshipping

The dropshipping business is very beneficial if you decide to invest in it.

It is very to get started on the business

Once you have ascertained that you have a supplier with high-quality products and affordable, you can start trading immediately.

You do not need a huge capital

This business idea does not let you shop for a product upfront. It’s mainly on a customer request hence no trouble of owning a warehouse or store.

Its; when your customers order, you seek out your supplier who delivers the products.

You can sell anywhere you like

It’s an online business; therefore, no need to worry about the location of your business.

It’s an easy business to manage.

You do not have to worry about the packaging and shipping of the product.

It depends on the supplier once you have paid for the product to be delivered.

You will be your own boss

With dropshipping being an online enterprise, it gives you the freedom to do your business anywhere you like.

When it comes to profits, they belong to you only after paying the supplier.

Cons of dropshipping

Like any other business dropshipping is a business plagued with a lot of problems as outlined .

Shipping complications

Most of the time, in the dropshipping business, you are likely to use more than one supplier.

Each supplier has its own shipping cost, which might hurt your business as the costs might be high.

Little control over the branding of the product

Yes, you sell your customer the product you have branded and market on your site.

But upon delivery of the product, the supplier makes the overall decision on the branding and packaging.

Low profits

You will face competition from fellow drop shippers who have lowered their prices to stay afloat and continue doing the business; you will have to price the same as them to be able to sell.


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Customer support complaints

Your supplier may fail to provide exactly what your customer and when it comes to the blowback, you are the one on the receiving end.


When starting any business you really have to put in the work and dropshipping is not excluded.

Ensure you choose a genuine supplier who can deliver products to your customer on time. Trade-in quality products to keep your customers coming for more.