Electoral injustice will still happen if Raila sits on his handshake laurels. Ruto: Mt. Kenya tycoons are useless, Kenyans will decide.

He said the MKF group was out to protect its vast business interests. “Forget about the ‘Deep State’ and ‘the System,’ the Election we will win in the morning and they will do nothing,” he said (Tuesday, January 05, 2022)

First, the reasons DP Ruto gives for being angry with the MKF are the same ones that inform his early campaigns as a matter of life and death to succeed Uhuru.

He only trusts himself to protect his vast business empire/interests and prime properties he acquired in a very short period of tenure as Deputy President.

To call the MKF luminaries useless is arrogance and disrespectful. Second, the MKF luminaries haven’t said they will decide the election.

They only hope the results go their way. They are Kenyans with a high stake in the political leadership of this country. They have experience of what happened to their businesses and investments during Moi’s 24-year rule in which government Ruto was a Minister.

DP Ruto is defiant, impatient, and disobedient to Uhuru. He can’t wait to be handed the relay baton. He’s on a mission to grab it. It’s an indicator that he can be worse than Moi in ruining MKF business interests.

Why? Moi was, unreservedly, loyal to Uhuru’s father. But he turned out to be the destroyer of the Mountain economy and never spared the destruction of State-Owned Enterprises (parastatals).

Once beaten, twice shy. That’s the logical reasoning of the MKF luminaries. They’re supporting Raila as the choice they believe will be safe hands for their investments.

They are voters and influencers of voters, most of who are their employees. They’re not part of the system. On the contrary, Ruto is part of the system.

That’s why he exudes confidence over the non-existence of the ‘Deep State’ and the inability of the system to rig him out.

DP Ruto’s repeated statement about protecting his votes and dismissal of Deep State and system should sound an alarm bell for the Enigma and others.

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Raila shouldn’t be blinded by the handshake aftermath and forget that Ruto is part of the system. He’s also dealing with a contemptuous IEBC that acts with impunity.

The constitutional and legal Manager of General Elections is the IEBC Secretariat, led by the CEO. The IEBC Commissioners are supposed to oversee the Secretariat.

After the controversial sacking of Chiloba, the position of CEO remains vacant, less than six months before the General Elections. It means Chebukati doubles up as the Chair and CEO of the Commission.

It’s in the public domain that Chebukati has had beef with Raila over the BBI referendum budget. He also launched the signature verification of the Breaking Bridges Initiative (BBI) at the consternation of everyone.

Why do we allow the Chebukati-led IEBC to conduct transitional elections while still contemptuous of the Supreme Court?

The IEBC hasn’t complied with the Supreme Court order to open the servers. The fish starts rotting from the head.

What happens at the Commission Headquarters over the presidential election is a reflection of what happens to the other five elective positions where the system has preferences.

In 2017, the infection started at Bomas and ran down to Returning Officers, then, Presiding officers. The latter were infected to organize electoral officials in counting halls into cartels of allocating ballots cast to candidates.

The polling agents were greased into negligence of duty to become part of the common plan. To give credit where it’s due, the voting was peaceful and smooth without hitches on queues.

But data transmitted to the Returning Officers onward to the Commission were manufactured in the counting halls and allocated to candidates at the discretion of electoral officials.

DP Ruto was on the receiving end of the 2007 rigging and his reaction landed him at The Hague. He’s a beneficiary of the 2013 rigging and the 2017 vifaranga vya computer, being on the side of system preference.

He knows what it entails when he says he will protect his votes to the extent nobody can take them away from him. But he means the opposite of what he says.

The 2013 presidential election results were too close to call. But the Hassan-led IEBC rushed to announce Uhuru’s victory before confirmation of the 50+one vote requirement to win in the first round.

Nothing will stop the shameless Chebukati-led IEBC Commissioners to declare Ruto the winner the same way they, “inadvertently,” advertised launching of signature verification of the Breaking Bridges Initiative.

The Enigma and others will do nothing other than cry foul and rush to petition the Supreme Court as the guy solidifies his position at State House.

Don’t pretend he’s not forewarned you. The Campaign Plan of aspirants for all six elective seats must include mitigation measures to protect the votes against mischievous electoral officials during counting.

The officially sanctioned rigging was common in polling stations with multiple polling streams.

The two-horse instigated euphoria is the preparatory ground to claim popularity ahead of voting to justify rigging.

That’s why I opine that electoral injustice will still rear its ugly head in the August 09, 2022 General Elections if Raila continues basking on handshake laurels.