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Equity bank staffs, customers held over foiled robbery



Police in Kisumu are holding several Equity Bank staffers and customers  in connection with the foiled robbery attempt on the Ang’awa Street branch.

“We are going to do a thorough search and if we find anybody whom we suspect to have been involved in this particular act, appropriate action will be taken,” Magu said.

“One of the suspects wrote a note and gave a woman (cashier) demanding Sh100, 000 saying he was with four people; he said she would be killed if she didn’t comply. The lady panicked and made other people flee from the bank during the commotion,” Magu said.

Inside the bank, a t-shirt was found with police suspecting that it belongs to one of those at the police station.

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The owner will explain and tell the police his or her accomplice. After verification and search of the suspects at the station, Magu said police will be able to take appropriate action.

“We have the exhibit. No injuries but those rushed to the hospitals were taken due to panic,” Karanja said.

Three students who were in the bank were rescued as the gunshots rented the air. They were rushed to the hospital in a police vehicle.

The female students were at the bank to pay school fees as they headed back to school from their mid-term break.

A witness said he saw a slim, tall man in a checked shirt. He could not tell whether he was with other accomplices.

At about 11.25am, he was at the bank. He was with the bank manager when they heard commotion.

“We heard a cashier at the corporate section shouting. I tried to follow him and saw him removing a teargas canister from his waist which he threw inside the bank,” he said.

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Earthquake in Afghanistan kills at least 22 people.



Two earthquakes rattled western Afghanistan on Monday killing more than 20 people and destroying hundreds of homes, a local official said.

The US Geological Survey registered a magnitude 5.3 quake at 2 pm and a second, magnitude 4.9 at 4 pm local time.

Unfortunately, our initial reports show that 22 people, including women and children, have been killed and four others injured,” said Baz Mohammad Sarwari

The Mujahideen have reached to some of the affected areas, but Badghis is a mountainous province, the number of casualties might go up,” he added

According to the head of the Emergency Operations Center of the Ministry of State for Emergency Affairs, more than 700 houses had been damaged.

the earthquakes struck 41 kilometers (25 miles) east and 50 kilometers (31 miles) southeast of Qala-e-Naw, the provincial capital

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Kenya orders 31 items that Google should remove from the internet



Summary;Kenya orders google to remove 31 items from the internet

From 2020 Kenya made 14 requests to Google. This included one content they found to be a copyright infringement, one takedown for fraud, two items bordering around hate speech, and seven requests for violations the government found were not listed by Google.

The reasons for the takedowns ranged from national security, fraud, and copyright 

According to a report released by Surfshark, Kenya submitted 31 requests to Google for the content.

YouTube received 101,015 tаkedown requests in the lаst decаde, compаred to 60,898 for Google Seаrch. Google Docs, Gmаil, аnd Google Photos also received tаkedown requests.

“We receive content removal requests through a variety of avenues and from all levels of government — court orders, written requests from national and local government agencies, and requests from law enforcement professionals. 

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“Sometimes users will forward us government removal requests, such as when someone attaches a court order showing certain content to be illegal.

But the tech giant stated that it always evaluates the legitimacy and completeness of a government request which must be in writing.

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Ex-Prisons boss Mwenda dies after bathroom accident



Mwenda, who was in charge of Naivasha prison before retiring, was instrumental in introducing reforms in the facility, including an education program that now benefits more than 2,000 inmates.

Mwenda suffered head surgery after falling in his bathroom. He died at a private hospital in Mombasa two days after being admitted.

Meanwhile, one person died on the spot and two others were seriously injured on Monday night after a road accident along Naivasha-Mai Mahiu road.

The car they were travelling in rammed into an oncoming trailer near Chechnia centre.

The injured were admitted to Naivasha Subcounty Hospital.

Naivasha police boss Samuel Waweru said the car was heading to Mai Mahiu when it rammed into the trailer.

Occupants of the trailer escaped with minor injuries.

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