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Eric Omondi’s public outcry over Jimi Wanjigi’s office raid



Comedian Eric Omondi has weighed in on the raid at Jimi Wanjigi’s office, claiming that his boss (Wanjigi) and his family have not eaten anything for 16 hours.

“I can’t believe this is still happening in 2022. This is a shame to Kenya and Africa at large.

The people in this compound have been subjected to the most inhumane of conditions. They have not eaten anything for 16 hours,” said Omondi.

In a video, on Twitter the comedian complained that his female colleague who has been prevented from leaving Wanjigi’s office needs medical attention.

“There is a lady colleague of ours whose life is in danger because she needs to take her medicine.

The doctor is out here and she would not be allowed in. We are begging them to at least let her out so she can get urgent medical attention,” posed Eric Omondi.

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Warrant of arrest issued against Jimi Wanjigi

“My boss @jimi.wanjigi has been asking for any form of order or warrant to no avail,” said Omondi.

On Tuesday, Jimmy told Capital FM that he doesn’t know why police raided his Kwacha office, located in Westlands – Nairobi.

“I don’t want to speculate or guess but your guess is as good as mine. I do not know why they raided my offices, and my lawyers also are not aware of anything,” Jimi Wanjigi said.

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The wash wash business in Kenya. Suspect murdered in cold blood.



Fresh details have emerged into the life of Samuel Mugoh Muvota. The man who was shot dead in broad daylight on Mirema Drive. In Nairobi’s Roysambu neighborhood on Monday afternoon.

It remains unclear why the man was murdered in cold blood. New findings by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation’s (DCI) Corporate Communications.

And Public Affairs Unit have shed light into Muvota’s alleged line of work. Which could possibly have led him to his early grave.

According to DCI

According to DCI, Muvota had been arrested on more than 30 occasions. In the past 11 years on fraud-related charges.

By the time of his death, the DCI stated, Muvota was purportedly the brains behind an ATM and SIM swapping syndicate.

Operating within Nairobi and its environs, which was minting millions from unsuspecting Kenyans.

Swindled oblivious Kenyans

Muvota is said to have swindled oblivious Kenyans by scouting and recruiting over 50 women to spike the drinks of unsuspecting revelers.

Frequenting various high-end entertainment joints across the city. After drugging the victims with a drug known only as ‘Tamuu’, the ladies would steal all their belongings.

Including ATM cards, which would later be used by Muvota. To illegally obtain money from their mobile money and bank accounts.

So lucrative was the syndicate

So lucrative was the syndicate that Muvota reportedly obtained several multi-million shilling properties. Across Nairobi and a fleet of high-end vehicles since 2011. When he ventured into the business.

Muvota, the DCI says, also married seven women during the period. All of them claimed not to have been aware of his activities, upon questioning by detectives.

“Muvota began his trade in 2011 by hanging around city ATM’s and offering to assist customers who had difficulties withdrawing money.

Working with crooked banking officials

From their accounts. Working with crooked banking officials who would jam the teller machines.

Once a client inserted his ATM card, Muvota would approach the client offering to assist,” the DCI said in a statement.

“He would insert the clients’ card then pretend to be facing away and ask the client to key in his password and first confirm the balance.

Before withdrawing

Before withdrawing the amount they wished. However, since the machines eject the ATM card first, he would get hold of the card as the unsuspecting client waited for the cash.”

Muvota would then expertly swap the ATM cards for fake ones before handing them back to his targets.

He would then casually move around different ATM points across the city to empty the cash held in the said accounts.

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Detectives say

Detectives say he particularly had a preference for Co-operative bank ATMs. Where he would patiently lay in wait for his next score.

“He would strike past 5 in the evening when he was sure that account holders would not walk back to their banks.

To inquire what was happening to their accounts, since messages of withdrawals they had not made. Would keep streaming into their phones,” said the DCI.

The hotlines

“The hotlines operated by banks wouldn’t be of any help. To the helpless clients, as alerts of unsanctioned transactions kept coming all night.

By the time the victims visited their banks to make inquiries into the fraudulent transactions, they would be met with apologies from equally hapless tellers.”

In 2018, Muvote reportedly caused the death of a woman in Kayole. After he emptied her life savings from her account via Pesalink using his usual trick.

Wired Kshs 700, 000

Muvote is said to have wired Ksh.700,000 from the lady’s account to one of his own, leaving only Ksh.700 behind.

After realizing that she had been duped, the woman purportedly collapsed and died. The DCI says that Muvote was well-known by cyber security specialists.

Following the number of times he was linked to breaches in victims’ accounts. He allegedly also had links to a number of police officers.

Occasionally tipped

Who occasionally tipped him off whenever he was being pursued. By law enforcement agencies so that he could evade arrest.

“After 11 years in the highly dangerous trade. That has in recent days targeted patrons looking for entertainment in high-end establishments.

Including top public servants, businessmen, politicians and men of the cloth. Muvota seemed to have made more enemies than friends.

Detectives suspect

Detectives suspect that one of the women he had employed or an accomplice. Must have given him in to criminals after a deal gone sour,” said DCI.

Muvote was shot several times by an unknown gunman on Monday. Just moments after dropping off a woman around Mirema Springs. 

Items recovered from the murdered man include money in different currencies.

Seven different ID Cards

Seven different national identity cards, six wallets, phones and laptops believed to have been stolen.

The bullet-riddled car was towed to the Kasarani Police Station.

Detectives revealed that the vehicle is registered to a different person. Who is helping with investigations.


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President Kenyatta Set To Open New Chancery In Switzerland



President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to open a new chancery in the Swiss Capital of Bern. To enhance trade tries between Kenya and Switzerland.

Speaking ahead of President Kenyatta’s official visit to Switzerland, Ambassador Andrew Kihurani said.

The opening of the new chancery will invigorate the growing bilateral trade. Which has been on the upward trend with Kenya’s exports standing at Kshs 4.8 billion.

Imports from Switzerland

While imports from Switzerland standing at Kshs 8 billion annually. “Another primary issue we engage in is promotion of trade.

You may be aware that there’s significant bilateral trade between the two countries. Kenya is Switzerland’s 16th biggest trading partner in Africa,” Amb. Kihurani said.

The Kenyan Ambassador pointed out that, despite the balance of trade being tilted in favor of Switzerland, Kenya has continued to increase its export of coffee, tea and horticultural produce.

Bilateral trade in 2021

He added that bilateral trade in 2021 was extensive. With Kenya being Switzerland’s major source of cut flowers.

Imports from Switzerland to Kenya include herbicides, fungicides, chemicals, paints, machinery and pharmaceuticals.

“So our mandate is to be able to see how to enhance that trade. Between the two countries. Not only in terms of the volume but also in terms of the breadth.

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Other different items

To see what other different items we can be able to trade between the two countries,” he added.

Ambassador Kihurani further said that the two nations have had significant cooperation in the tourism sector.

Noting that Kenya used to receive over 9,000 tourists annually from Switzerland prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ongoing Covid19 vaccination process

He expressed hope that the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination process will revive the tourism sector with Kenya receiving an increasing number of tourists from Switzerland.

“Switzerland has done about 70% of vaccination of its population. And of course in Kenya we are continuing to increase the level of vaccinations.

We expect the level of tourism will start growing once again. And it is the responsibility of this embassy to enhance growth of that tourism exchange,” said Amb. Kihurani.

Kenya envoy to Switzerland

The Kenyan envoy to Switzerland also noted that President Kenyatta will visit Geneva. He is scheduled to address the World Health Assembly on May 22.

He said the address by the President at the World Health Assembly, will outline how Kenya has been at the forefront in championing health issues globally.

“The meeting in Geneva is the World Health Assembly which takes place every year. His Excellency the President shall address the meeting on this particular occasion.

First time to address the assembly

“This will be his first time to address the Assembly. This is important in terms of showing the support that Kenya has.

For issues which will be discussed with Assembly on the issue of health,” he said. The 75th World Health Assembly will kick off. With a high-level segment on May 22.

With speeches from the elected Health Assembly President, Heads of State, special guests and an address by the WHO Director-General.

As well as presentation of the Director-General’s Health Awards. The theme of this year’s World Health Assembly is “Health for Peace, Peace for Health”.


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President Kenyatta Calls For Tangible Solutions To Africa’s Urbanization



President Uhuru Kenyatta has called for tangible, practical and sustainable solutions. To the challenges facing Africa’s urban areas.

Speaking on 17th May 2022 in the lakeside city of Kisumu. When he officially opened the 9th Edition of Africities summit.

President Kenyatta noted that the summit provides an effective forum for the continent to take stock. Reflect and plan on the best ways of addressing the challenges of urbanization.

This years Africities Summit

This year’s Africities summit held under the theme “The role of intermediary cities of Africa. In the implementation of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations. And the African Union Agenda 2063” is the first to be hosted in an intermediary city.

“This Year’s theme is most apt, as the summit comes at a critical time when. Africa’s rapid urbanization and the challenges of future cities. Are increasingly coming into sharp focus; more so after the shocks of the COVID-19 Pandemic,” the President said.

At the same time, President Kenyatta emphasized the need to scale up the role of intermediary cities. As the next frontiers of African urbanization and development.

In Africa

“I say so because in Africa, an unprecedented rate of urbanization has propelled intermediary cities to stand at approximately 1,086.

These intermediary cities are home to approximately 174 million people. Representing about 36 percent of the continent’s total urban population. And contributing about 40 percent of the continent’s GDP,” President Kenyatta said.

Accordingly, President Kenyatta said the Africities summit has the task of providing the continent. With a comprehensive and achievable roadmap.

Intermediary Cities

On how intermediary cities can contribute more towards the implementation of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations. And the African Union Agenda 2063.

The President informed the summit that in Kenya. The National Government has over the last five years been implementing projects.

And programmes geared towards the improvement of the lives of Kenyans. Through the achievement of SDGs.

National Economic Blueprint

“This has been achieved under the auspices of our national Economic blueprint. The Kenya Vision 2030 and its Medium Term Plan – the Big Four Agenda.

The agenda espouses provision of a decent roof over many more heads. At affordable costs, affordable healthcare for all.

Value addition and increase in manufacturing and jobs. And ensuring food security for all Kenyans,” he said.

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The Government

He said the Government has also embarked on a slum upgrading programme. Spread across the country, notably in the capital city of Nairobi. And the intermediary cities of Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru.

“These concerted actions have been taken through. The Kenya Devolution Support Programme and the Urban Support Programme.

The Kenya Slum Upgrading Programme and the Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Programme,” the President said.

Cities and Local Authorities

Noting that cities and local authorities around the world played a key role in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The President said they proved to be an indispensable “ring” in the governance chain and prevention of the pandemic.

Speaking at the panel discussion session of the Africities summit. Former Primer Minister Raila Odinga who is also the African Union (AU) High Representative for Infrastructure Development.

Importance of Infrastructure

Underscored the importance of infrastructure in addressing the challenges of urban areas in Africa.

The former Prime Minister said, as the AU High Representative for Infrastructure Development.

He acts as the catalyst to ensure infrastructure projects identified by the AU are implemented. On a timely basis to accelerate the continent’s progress.

Defence Cabinet Secretary

Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa. Who is also the acting CS for Devolution, Kisumu Governor Prof. Anyang Nyong’o and his Kisii counterpart James Ongwae.

Who is also the deputy chairman of the Council of Governors. Spoke at the ongoing summit that has attracted delegates from over 110 countries.

Other speakers included United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) President Christine Mba Ndutume. UCLGA Secretary-General Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi.

African Union Commission

African Union Commission Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat, U.S Special Presidential Envoy on Climate John Kerry and UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohamed.

Who delivered their speeches virtually.


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