Fally Ipupa : Age, Net Worth, Wife, Albums, Children & Genre Of Music

Fally is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and record producer of Congolese provenance. 

His foray into music began back in boarding school when he would sing and play the conga in church. Thereafter he learned to play the guitar and began singing with his family. 

Along the line, he and his friends decided to form a band. The band practiced every opportunity it had. Its members also listened to folkloric music about the equatorial region of the Congo


Fally Ipupa is one musician who had no problem sharing his age with the public. Born in 1977, the songster is currently 43 years. He’ll be 44 on December 14 – and he’s looking forward to that day. 

Net Worth 

Fally ipupa is one of the most successful Congolese musicians out there. Not surprisingly, his net worth has been described as high. The exact, though, remains a subject of speculation. Count him among the millionaire figures in Congolese music. 


Fally ipupa’s wife is a banker named Nana Ketchup. The two have an interesting love story that will please any and every believer in true love. 

Fally Ipupa met his wife when he was much younger, poor, and an obscure artist. Somehow, she was able to see his destiny as a great man and never denied him then. 

Sometimes, back when Fally Ipupa was broke and an obscure artiste, she would ask him if he was hungry and if she should buy something for him. Although he was most often hungry, he would deny the hunger, saying he doesn’t need anything. 

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Over time, the two got really close and got married. Today, Fally Ipupa is one of the most respected musicians of Congolese provenance. She stood by him when it counted the most, and her faith in his gift has been justly rewarded. 

Fally Ipupa is so chuffed with the mother of his children that he often describes her as his all. When she celebrated her birthday on April 10 this year, Fally Ipupa had spoiled her with expensive gifts. 


Fally Ipupa might be counted among notable Congolese creative out there. The songster has several fine albums to his name, including “Arsenal de Belles Mélodies,” “Fally Au Zenith De Paris,” “Control,” “L’ Intégral des Clips,” and “Droit Chemin.”

Fally Ipupa – Tokooos (2017, CD) - Discogs


Fally Ipupa is a father and happy to be. The songster has 5 adorable children, namely Keyna, Marcosins, Vincenzo, Malka Monikel, and Jayden Ipupa. It’s unknown if he plans to have more children. If he should have more kids, we’d update this post. 

Genre Of Music

Known for several hit songs including “Ecole,” Fally Ipupa is a musician with a catholic taste in music. Not surprisingly, he’s not limited to one genre in his creative offerings.