Former Governor Conned 10Million In Range Rover Importation Saga

A former Kenyan governor was among the wealthiest Kenyans who fell victim to a ring suspected of transporting stolen luxury vehicles from the United Kingdom.

On Sunday, June 11, Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) investigations made a revelation of this syndicate.

It revealed that the gang had discovered a new way to slip the automobiles into the nation from European countries without inspection.

Forged documents and criminal-related reports

Many of the vehicles, according to KEBS, were involved in criminal activity in their home nation. Also, others have forged engine information.

The anonymous governor spent Ksh9.9 million in Dubai on a Range Rover Vogue. The automobile was then stolen in the UK and brought into the nation via Dubai.


According to reports, the former county chief made payments on April 3, 2023. The car arrived in Dubai in May and was awarded a certificate of shipment into the nation via the port of Mombasa.

The car, however, was apprehended at the port of Mombasa when officials learned that it had been stolen in London.

Furthermore, the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service in the United Kingdom released a report revealing that the vehicle’s owner was still paying taxes to the UK government.

“The Chassis number displayed on this car is a 2020 car, the car you have, is a 2019 model and not a 2020 model.

“The identity labels are fake but the engine number is genuine. The car was reported stolen in the UK on August 21, 2022,” the UK report noted.


Interpol and DCI working together to fight the syndicate

In a letter dated Sunday, June 11, KEBS directed the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to launch investigations into the syndicate.

It was noted that such incidents were increasing at an alarming pace, risking the safety of naive Kenyan purchasers.

The former governor’s automobile has been the target of inquiries by both Kenyan police and Interpol. This is according to the Bureau of Standards.

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At the same time, the UK government requested that the car be returned to its country of origin.

The example was one of several, including one involving a Lexus that was moved from the United Kingdom to Kenya. It was later noted that the SUV had been stolen in England.

Additionally, the authorities seized a Range Rover Sport that was discovered to have duplicate chassis numbers, similar to other automobiles in the UK.

Mombasa port authorities indicated that they were putting steps in place, including tightening inspection processes, to put a halt to the rising practice.