Functions of elective positions defined in the constitution should inform the cut throat competition for the presidency.

PRESIDENT(National Executive):

1. Governance (unity of the country);

2. Economic Policy;

3. Security of State and international borders.

LEGISLATOR (Parliament-MP):

1. Representation;

2. Legislation; and

3. Oversight and Evaluation

GOVERNOR (County Executive):

1. Governance (unity of the County);

2. Economic and social development;

3. Security of the County (retention of the re-named former provincial administration has blurred and created confusion in this function)

LEGISLATOR (County Assembly-MCA):

1. Representation;

2. Legislation; and

3. Oversight.

The functions of the Presidency and Parliament are, therefore, to provide Policy direction and funds to Governors and MCAs to facilitate exploitation of endowed resources in respective Counties for development initiatives.

Development takes place at household, community and corporate levels in Counties. The cut throat competition between Raila and Ruto (the two horses) for the Presidency on Economic front is misplaced and retrogressive.

It’s the old habit, which the Constitution demystified by dispersing powers and functions from the centre (Presidency) to Governors, Commissions, and Independent offices.

Uhuru is the first President to implement the Constitution under Devolution. But he’s trashed the seperation and dispersal of powers and functions to continue with the old order of concentrating powers and distribution of resources in the presidency.

Distribution of resources between the two levels of government is vested in Parliament while most Executive functions were devolved to the Counties.

Both Raila and Ruto read from Uhuru’s script on governance and sharing of of the cake if given the opportunity. The sharing of co-presidency and handshake projects is evidence of this claim.

The two horses are undesirable successors of Uhuru. What’s my point? Presidential candidates shouldn’t mislead the electorate they will deliver on the promises for which the Constitution doesn’t give them powers.

They will be stopped in their tracks by an assertive and vibrant Parliament and the Judiciary. They’re aware of this reality and are calling for the six piece of voting to get elected sycophants.

Aware of bad governance in political parties, and that wisdom, knowledge and experience reside in people (not parties), the Constitution provides for independent candidates in all the six elective positions.

Calling for election of only UDA or ALUM aspirants is loaded with the ulterior motive for Ruto or Raila to have their way in all their proposals, regardless of their negative consequences to the public good.

Using the tyranny of numbers, the UhuRuto co-presidency legislated bad security laws against the advice of voices of reason from the minority side in Parliament. Senator Orengo warned them that that’s how governments eat their own children.

The laws have come to haunt UDA-allied MPs and their associates like blogger Itumbi. Using their power and numbers, the handshake partners raised more than two-thirds majority in Parliament to replace the Constitution of Kenya 2010 with a BBI poisoned chalice.

Never mind that the Constitution is yet to be fully implemented and audited to inform the proposed overhaul. Only the High Court and Court of Appeal paused the process that was destined for a guided referendum.

The matter is before the Supreme Court. Yet, the handshake partners hardly miss the chance to lament and vow to revive it.

Ruto has made it a campaign platform to deceive the gullible masses on his stance on the Bill, despite having declined to lead the No-camp side in the then proposed referendum.

The overall goal of the Constitution is to draw the contract between the Governors and the governed, where the latter are empowered to become self-reliant wherever they reside in the country.

Indeed, COVID-19 pandemic taught the whole world the importance of self-reliance in basics of life, which must start with household as the basic family unit, then community and corporate levels.

Raila and Ruto read from the same governance script with Uhuru and can only breed more dictatorship if any of them succeeds him.

Raila is accused of untrustworthiness and described by Ruto as the Vitandawili lord of poverty, while Ruto is an alleged land grabber and described by Raila as the high priest of corruption.

If the worse comes to worst, better elect Raila than Ruto for good reasons. First, biological laws will limit the length and breadth of damage Raila may cause to country’s governance and economy.

Second, the desired change of a person from a different ethnic community to occupy State House will be highly welcome.

Third, Raila has the history of fighting for justice and played a prominent role in the promulgation of the current Constitution.

On the other hand, Ruto was a conformist and beneficiary of the 24-year repressive KANU regime. He’s a beneficiary of the current Constitution he vehemently opposed.

That’s why we suspect he will mutilate the Constitution to stay in power if given a chance to occupy State House with a majority in Parliament and County Assemblies.

He’s the only formidable figure in UDA and being estranged from Uhuru is evidence he can’t entertain rivals in political outfits. Interestingly, he’s the Deputy Party Leader of Jubilee Party.

Yet, he promotes UDA and Jubilee Asili before it as the leader and benefactor. He’s the only acclaimed human being to have his cake and eat it.

It’s a mockery of political leadership.Otherwise, save for propaganda that may destroy them, OKA’s Mudavadi or Kalonzo would be the better bet as safe pair of hands in which Uhuru should bequeath the country’s leadership.

Forget about the MKF interests Raila will serve as being legislated and hustlers’ interests that will be served by Ruto’s Presidency.

The OKA President will serve the interests of all Kenyans, sticking in the Executive lane as defined in the Constitution.