Future of The Sterling Pound After Queen’s Death

The portrait of King Charles III will soon appear on bank notes. After Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8th, the Bank of England issued new banknotes featuring Charles, who took the throne upon his mother’s death; the Bank of England issued a press release detailing how the country’s currency will continue to honor Her Majesty.

The late monarch has appeared on banknotes since 1960 after the UK Treasury permitted the Bank of England in 1954 to use her portrait on coinage. In addition to Winston Churchill’s £ 5, Jane Austen’s £ 10, JMW Turner’s £ 20, and Alan Turing’s £ 50 notes, the Bank of England is soon to issue one with Charles’ portrait.

Is King Charles III going to be on the pound?

All bills will feature King Charles’ portrait on the front and the other iconic British figures on the back; there will be no further changes to the banknote designs, according to the Bank of England.

How soon will the money be available?

Banknotes with Charles’ portrait require patience for those looking to grab them. Therefore, Bank of England officials expect the money to enter circulation in mid-2024.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II feature in King Charles III’s new portrait.PHOTO/CREDIT

Does Queen Elizabeth II’s currency cease to be accepted?

On the banknotes, you’ll always find Queen Elizabeth’s portrait. Consequently, existing bills featuring the late Queen’s portrait will continue to circulate as directed by the royal household. Besides replacing any worn-out notes, new banknotes will also be printed to meet any increased demand for banknotes.s

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