George Kinoti, Noordin Haji, and Hillary Mutyambai, have been in office for a combined period of 4,232 days, What have they done?

They are the Director of Criminal Investigations, Director of Public Prosecutions, and Inspector General of Police respectively.

That’s equivalent to eleven and a half years. Have the three gentlemen – who are paid well by tax-payers, provided with 24 hour armed protection and will continue to enjoy attractive perks until they die – served our nation diligently?

Mutyambai has been the police boss for 1,150 days. What has he achieved? Are our streets safer? Have the police stopped harassing and demanding bribes from citizens?

Police Welfare

Has the police welfare improved through better working terms and conditions? On his part, George Kinoti has been in office for 1,582 days.

What are his achievements apart from those long compositions Directorate of Criminal Investigations – DCI shares on Twitter for retweets and PR?

How many high-profile cases has he investigated thoroughly and presented to Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Kenya for prosecution?

Cartel of Corrupt DCI Officers

Has he dismantled the cartel of corrupt DCI officers who tip off suspects? The officers who destroy evidence to weaken a case?

As for Noordin Haji, he’s been in office for 1,500 days. What has he achieved as the chief public prosecutor?

How many high-profile cases has he successfully prosecuted and managed to secure a conviction?

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Cabal of corrupt prosecutors

Has he dismantled the cabal of corrupt prosecutors who acquit suspects for a fee? It’s the police who protect drug dealers, thieves, murderers and rapists.

It’s the Directorate of Criminal Investigations who issues them with certificates of good conduct to run for public office and it’s Noordin Haji who told us;

He won’t be prosecuting politicians who are running for office until after the election. While President Uhuru Kenyatta bears the greatest responsibility for the corruption and;

Rot in Government

Rot in his government, the three public officials mentioned above are the ones who protect the men and women who are destroying Kenya.

They have the powers to investigate, arrest and prosecute but they don’t use those powers unless they’re targeting hawkers, drunkards, and petty offenders.

They have allowed impunity to become our normal way of life. In a few months time, the next president will replace these men.

Spineless cowardly men

The offices they occupy don’t need spineless, cowardly men who refuse to do their job, wake up to please politicians, and sell justice to the highest bidder.

While l know some of you will rightly point out the judiciary has also played a role in the rot of our nation, these three men have the powers to investigate;

And prosecute a corrupt judiciary. However, it’s impossible to investigate a fellow thief because you dine together.