‘HANDAS’ Juice Game Changer for ‘Khat’ Users

As a recreational stimulant for khat users, people chewed the leaves and stems, it has been simplified into a juice by having the sap extracted from the leaves.

Raw organic juice is made from the best ‘KHAT LEAVES‘ Kenya has to offer. Handas give you energy and accentuate at social gatherings.

Khat leaf is used to relieve depression, fatigue, and obesity. It is also used to lower the need for food and sleep.

Handas‘ is a psychostimulant; the major pharmacologically active constituent is cathinone, an amphetamine-like sympathomimetic amine. Al’absi 2013 The chief active ingredients are cathinone, cathine, and norephedrine.

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Handas Juice is mainly for its psychostimulant and euphoric effects. It has traditionally been used to elevate mood and combat fatigue. 

For orders and inquiries check out:https://handasjuice.com/order/
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