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Home remedies to relieve menstrual cramps



Cramps affect many people before and during their period. While some people only experience mild cramps, others aren’t quite as lucky. In some cases, the pain from period cramps can be extreme and make a serious dent in your daily life.

If period pain is cramping your style every month, there are steps you can take to gain back control.

Here are proven home remedies that may ease your discomfort, and help you get back on track with your busy life.

1. Drink more water

Bloating can cause discomfort and make menstrual cramps worse. Drinking water can reduce bloating during your period and alleviate some of the pain it causes.

Also, drinking hot water can increase blood flow throughout your body and relax your muscles. This can lessen cramps caused by uterine contractions.

2. Enjoy herbal teas

Herbal teas have anti-inflammatory properties and antispasmodic compounds that can reduce the muscle spasms in the uterus that cause cramping.

Drinking chamomile, fennel, or ginger tea is an easy, natural way to relieve menstrual cramps. Plus, herbal teas can have other benefits like stress relief and helping with insomnia.

3. Soak in a tub.

Soaking in a warm bathtub is another way to surround your pelvic muscles with the warmth they need to relax.

You can enhance the pain-relieving power of a good soak by adding a few drops of essential oils — like lavender, sage, or rose — to your bathwater.

4. Try dietary supplements

Vitamin D can help your body absorb calcium and reduce inflammation.

Other supplements, including omega-3, vitamin E, and magnesium, can help reduce inflammation and might even make your periods less painful.

For best results, take supplements every day, not just during your period. Also, because some supplements interact with medications, be sure to ask your doctor before taking anything new.

5. Reach for decaf

Caffeine causes your blood vessels to narrow. This can constrict your uterus, making cramps more painful.

If you need your coffee fixed, switch to decaf during your period. If you rely on caffeine to beat the afternoon slump, eat a snack high in protein or take a quick 10-minute walk to boost your energy.

6. Use a heat patch

Using a heated patch or wrap on your abdomen can help relax the muscles of your uterus. It’s these muscles that cause period cramps.

Heat can also boost circulation in your abdomen, which can reduce pain.

7. Exercise

If you’re in pain, exercise might be the last thing on your mind. But even gentle exercise releases endorphins that make you feel happy, reduce pain and relax your muscles.

Fifteen minutes of yoga, light stretching, or walking might be all you need to feel better.

8. Reduce stress

Stress may make cramps worse. Use stress-relief techniques like meditation, deep breathing, yoga, or your own favorite way to relieve stress.

If you’re not sure how to relieve stress, try guided imagery. Simply close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine a calm, safe place that’s significant to you.

Stay focused on this space for at least a few minutes while you take slow, deep breaths.

9. Massage therapy

Massages may reduce uterine spasms by relaxing the uterus. In order to most effectively manage period cramps, massage therapy should focus on the abdominal area.

But a full body massage that reduces your overall stress may also help to relieve menstrual cramps.

10. Eat anti-inflammatory foods

Some foods can offer natural relief for cramps and they taste great. Anti-inflammatory foods can help promote blood flow and relax your uterus.

Try eating berries, tomatoes, pineapples, and spices like turmeric, ginger, or garlic. Leafy green vegetables, almonds, walnuts, and fatty fish, like salmon, can also help reduce inflammation.

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Ways to controll your anger



Anger control is important for helping you avoid saying or doing something you may regret. Before anger escalates, you can use specific strategies for controlling anger.

Go for a walk

Taking a walk can help calm your nerves and reduce anger. Go for a walk, ride your bike, or hit a few golf balls. Anything that gets your limbs pumping is good for your mind and body.

Mentally Escape

Slip into a quiet room, close your eyes, and practice visualizing yourself in a relaxing scene. Focus on details in the imaginary scene: What color is the water? How tall are the mountains? What do the chirping birds sound like? This practice can help you find calm amidst anger.

Stop Talking

When you’re steamed, you may be tempted to let the angry words fly, but you’re more likely to do harm than good. Pretend your lips are glued shut, just like you did as a kid. This moment without speaking will give you time to collect your thoughts.

Imagine forgiving them

Finding the courage to forgive someone who has wronged you takes a lot of emotional skill. If you can’t go that far, you can at least pretend that you’re forgiving them, and you’ll feel your anger slip away.

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Most Influential Kenyan Entrepreneurs of 2021 .




Churchill is regarded as the father of the comedy industry in Kenya. He runs the multimillion Laugh Industry.

The 43-year-old is credited for nurturing the biggest names including, Professor Hamo, MCA Tricky, Chemutai, MC Jessy, Eric Omondi and Chipukeezy.

Churchill has over 7.3 million followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter


Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, is a musician who doubles up as a businesswoman.

She is the founder of Akothee Safaris, a tour company based in Kenya. She runs Akothee Foundation, Aknotela Entertainment Ltd and Akothee Homes, a real estate business.

Akothee has over 5.7 million followers across various social media platforms.

The no non-sense entrepreneur has used her huge social media presence for brand influencing.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers has worked with multiple brands, with the latest being Rosy Tissues Kenya, Muthokinju Services and Premier Foods Ltd.

In 2021, Forbes ranked her the 15th richest musician in Africa with a networth of $ 10 million (KSh 1.09 billion).

3. Jalang’o

With over 4.6 million followers, comedian Jalang’o is one of the influential Kenyan entrepreneurs.

Jalang’o, whose real name is Felix Odiwour, rose to fame after appearing as an actor in the local comedy series Papa Shirandula.

Since then, he never looked back as he used his fame to establish his brand besides working as a radio presenter for different stations, including Radio Maisha, Hot 96, Milele FM and now Kiss 100.

He is the proprietor of Jalang’o TV, with close to half a million subscribers on YouTube.

4. Njugush

Timothy Kimani Ndegwa, popularly referred to as Njugush, rose to fame as an actor in the local series Real Househelps of Kawangware.

He quit the show in May 2016, citing changes in scripting and directing. The witty comedian reinvented himself and grew his brand on social media platforms.

Besides posting funny videos on YouTube with over 535,000 subscribers, he has landed multimillion advertising deals with corporates like Safaricom.

Njugush further has 2.1 million followers on Instagram, 1.3 million on Facebook and 150,000 on Twitter.

He is the founder of clothing line, Be Knit, which he manages with his lovely wife Celestine Ndinda aka Wakavinye.

5.Anerlisa Muigai

The Keroche heiress was named one of the 30 most promising young entrepreneurs by Forbes in 2018.

She is the daughter of Keroche founder Tabitha Karanja, one of the wealthiest women in Kenya. The 33-year-old is the founder of Nero, a water brand company.

On Instagram, the beauty queen has 1 million followers. In August 2021, Hopper HQ Ranked Anerlisa at number 30 in Africa and 271 worldwide in the list of best-paid celebs on Instagram.

According to Hopper, the beauty gets KSh 436,000 per paid post. Her net worth is estimated at over KSh 1 billion.

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Signs you have an unhealthy obsession with someone.



An obsession is when someone or a relationship takes over your life and you are not able to function or do your regular activities.

We know that everyone, when they first fall in love [or start crushing], becomes a little bit obsessed—but if it continues and it begins to take over your life, it’s an obsession

If you think you or a friend may be headed in an unhealthy direction, keep reading to spot the signs of obsession

1. Stalking

To know more about your crush – you check out his/her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and oh, so many other Social Media apps. You might even talk about him/her to your mutual friends, but once you know enough and you continue doing this – YES, YOU ARE OBSESSING OVER HIM/HER.

2. Always in touch (24/7)

They wouldn’t leave you one bit and would want to chat/talk with you constantly. It’s as easy as whenever you look at your phone, it would either be pinging with their messages or you would be notified with a missed call when you just stepped outside for some fresh air.

3. The Honeymoon Phase Doesn’t Fade Out

Every love story begins with obsession. We just can’t help it! But as time passes by and we begin to find some flaws or have some arguments,

That phase should naturally fade away to some extent. And if it doesn’t, there’s a problem.

4. Using the Crush to Avoid Personal Insecurities

Obsession with a partner comes when we are feeling self-conscious.

 If people are feeling insecure, people are not confident, people have an issue in some part of their life, then this person or this relationship replaces that.

So if I don’t feel good about myself, I use you as a boyfriend to define who I am, to tell me I’m a good person, a pretty person, a smart person. I think oftentimes it’s because we become dependent on others to define us.

5. Excessively jealous

Jealousy is an obsessed person’s best friend. Take it as a warking sign if your partner gets offended or grows jealous for trivial reasons like someone complimenting you or you spending an evening with friends.

Jealousy and insecurity get worse when a person starts acting suspiciously to satisfy his whims and fancy. It’s better to avoid such people

6. ​Emotionally blackmails or threatens you

You should reconsider being with a person who emotionally blackmails or threatens you to be with him because the person knows how he can use your love as a weapon to manipulate you.

In a healthy relationship, no partner must be forced to experience or witness such a bizarre and toxic show of love.

7. Dislikes your plans with your friends

They would want to be included in the plans that you are making with whoever – be it an old school friend, a bunch of office colleagues or just catching up with an acquaintance.

They’d feel left out if such plans materialize and they are left behind to do their own thing.

8. You must reply instantly

In this tech world, they’d constantly be keeping a check on when you are online, and if, you are and if you don’t reply to them immediately it ticks them off.

Whatever the explanation be – receiving documents from your boss, messaging your colleagues, or looking for music to lighten up the mood at work, they won’t understand.

9. Insists on knowing all your passwords

Did you catch your boyfriend/girlfriend reading you and your BFF’s chat? Does your lover insist that you should share all your passwords (including your phone password) with him/her?

This is a sign that you are dating a highly insecure person and insecurity can turn people into obsessive lovers.

10. Don’t get upset, when they should

If you did something that is a big ‘no-no’ in a relationship and your significant other doesn’t get upset with you, then he/she is obsessed with you.

Missing out on a family dinner or not turning up for that movie that you were planning for weeks, just to be a couched potato at home are upsetting matters and they overlook these.

11. Always ready for last-minute plans

f you are the obsessed one, then last-minute plans are always agreed upon with a positive nod and a wide smile on your face.

This can be sometimes used against you. Based on your partner’s free time or availability, plans are made with the understanding that you won’t ever deny.

12. You’re Constantly Obsessing Over Their Happiness

It’s almost like you feel guilty when you’re busy and they call and you can’t do something with them.

You feel responsible for making sure they’re okay and they have something to do and that they have friends.

It’s not empathy, it’s more like feeling responsible totally for who and what they are as well.

So if they call at the last minute, you feel guilty because you’re going out with your friends or you’re constantly thinking about their happiness

If, you can relate to any or all the above-mentioned points, bring your A-game on now. Make sure that you have a keen eye on moves and control the obsession by;

  • See-through your person: If he/she comes across as the obsessive kinds and pushes you to plan outings with his/her friends rather than always planning it with you
  • Trying to keep your insecurities at bay: Let them not crawl in, as that might result in ruining what you have going on right now with your significant other
  • One can’t always be living in the ‘Honeymoon Phase’: So make sure that you don’t end up choosing him/her always over your friends and other commitments. Always is the emphasised word here
  • Introspect and learn: You might be avoiding your insecurities with the recent obsession – either your crush or the significant other
  • Returning texts immediately is not a necessity: If, a busy schedule doesn’t allow you or him/her to return calls or reply to texts immediately, don’t ponder over it and do that the first thing as soon as you get a chance

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