How Instagram, TikTok influencers, and podcast hosts can make money in 2022

Is social media just all about fun or you can make money through it? That was a question that was frequently when social media was starting out. But now social media is fully commercialized.

Social media influencers can make a lot of money for themselves when they brand themselves. Create amazing content to attract enough followers and you will make money.

To fully monetize one has to base it on individual talent, their area of expertise, and any opportunity that has presented itself. And you have to ensure that you are fully committed.

Here are proven ways an influencer can make money in 2022.

Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, influencers place special links or coupon codes into their posts. Since they have many followers then people can click on the links or use the codes at checkout, then the influencer gets a small fee.

Display Advertising

Instagram and TikTok influencers do well with display advertising.

The options for display advertising include donning merchandise of products they are advertising like t-shirts hoodies, mugs, and even water bottles. They need to have the logo of the product you are advertising.

Sponsored Posts

Opt for sponsored posts as it’s a major option when it comes to influencers making quick money.

In this case, sponsored posts can be any type of content creation on a commissioned basis.

So, an Instagram star might create a single post, series of posts, or Story. YouTube and TikTok influencers can make videos, and Twitter people send out Tweets. The product being promoted is usually incorporated into the content somehow.

Photo and Video Sales

Instagram glory is based on its amazing photos. We can have, travel influencers and others create frame-worthy pictures and sell them.

In this case, photo sales are typically prints that you can buy through their website. Sometimes you can buy the rights to them, as well. Videos are often licensed.

Ebooks and tutorials

Social media is full of people with specialized expertise, and a great deal of them have become influencers within their industries. For this subset of influencers, selling digital products is a great way to make money.

You will see a lot of this with finance influencers. For one a finance influencer can have an ebook about trading.

Getting hired by Brands

In the case of sponsored content, a brand will typically send them the money after the publication of the content. They’ll also verify the content is up to their standards.

Influencers with some sort of commission-based agreement, like affiliate marketing or collabs, will likely get paid at intervals. This allows for brands to ensure that a service is rendered before paying. Commissions also need accurate calculations before payment.


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Use influencer marketing agencies and platforms

Some brands sort to for influencers on influencer marketing agencies and platforms. 

In these situations, the agency sources influencers on behalf of brands. Or, the platforms accept payments and forward them to the influencer. These arrangements mean that the brand doesn’t pay an influencer directly. At the same time, the influencer might be getting payment from the agency.


There are many ways social media influencers make money on the internet. The most common way is getting paid by companies, brands, and services. You need to create content and get paid as you agreed with your client. You have to ensure serious commitment to be able to make yourself some cash.