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How Sarah Rector became the ‘Richest black girl In America’ in the early 20th century



Sarah Rector was born in 1902 in what is today Taft, Oklahoma. Back then, it was known as Twine, Indian Territory, since Oklahoma had not yet been incorporated as a state.

In 1913, 11-year-old Sarah Rector became the richest Black girl in America, almost by accident. She had been born into poverty as a member of the Muscogee Nation in Oklahoma in 1902, and received, as did every member of the Nation, a plot of undesirable land in the territory when it was made a state in 1907.

By the time she moved to Kansas City in her late teens, Sarah Rector’s net worth was estimated to be greater than $1 million, over $28 million today, spread between oil fields, 2,000 acres of farmland in Oklahoma, and investments in numerous businesses in Kansas City.

Sarah’s paternal great-great-grandmother, Mollie McQueen was enslaved by Creek Chief Opothleyahola in Alabama. When his people were forced west of the Mississippi by the U.S. government, the chief took his enslaved workers with him.

When the Indian territory where Rector was born became Oklahoma in 1907, the federal government granted each member of the Creek Nation a land allotment, including descendants of people enslaved by the Nation like four-year-old Sarah Rector.

Moreover, Sarah’s parents, Joseph and Rose, were also forced to pay a land tax of $30 per year on their daughter’s property. This was a burden that became so great that Joseph attempted to sell Sarah’s land, but was blocked from doing so by state law, which forbade the sale of lands belonging to minors.

Since he could not sell the land, Joseph Rector decided to lease it out to a Pittsburgh oil company. At the turn of the 20th century, the Indian Territory was the country’s biggest oil producer. After Oklahoma statehood in 1907, the new state continued to draw drillers to the area hoping to get lucky.

Then, in the fall of 1913, an independent driller struck liquid gold on Sarah Rector’s land, bringing the family royalties of $300 per day, about $8,000 today. Some estimates place Sarah Rector’s net worth at the time at $1 million, or about $28 million today. One newspaper dubbed her “the richest negro in the world.”

According to historian Tonya Bolden in her biography Searching for Sarah Rector: The Richest Black Girl in America, Jefferson “had been the family’s benefactor for years and long before there was any probability of them ever having money.”

Although Joseph Rector had selected Porter as Sarah’s guardian before oil was discovered on her land, newspapers soon picked up the story that the Rector family was still living in relative poverty while Sarah’s white guardian was making a killing off her oil.

With all the hype surrounding her luck, eventually, Rector attracted the attention of another type of man: one who did not see black or white so much as green. The 12-year-old was soon receiving marriage proposals from suitors as far away as Germany.

Sarah wound up marrying a former college football player she met in Kansas City. The couple revealed in their position as “local royalty,” driving fancy cars and hosting Joe Louis, Duke Ellington, and Count Basie in their mansion.

“There, the Rectors eventually moved into a home that was a far cry from that weather-whipped two-room cabin in which Sarah began life. This home-place was a stately stone house. It became known as the Rector Mansion,” Tonya Bolden said.

Sarah Rector’s net worth at the time of her death is a matter of debate and speculation. She died in 1967 at age 65 and was buried in Taft.


Get rid of smelly feet in these 6 easy steps



The festive season is around the corner, and you are probably getting invited to people’s houses. Smelly feet will scare you to remove your shoes because you are uncomfortable.

Most of the time, you are too caught up with life, such that you will never know how the problem started.

The major leading cause is not enough ventilation for your feet, and with it having a lot of sweat glands that equals a lot of sweat, you know.

Then bacteria feeds off on it, resulting in acid that causes smelly feet, poor hygiene, and some diseases that cause your feet to start smelling.

Here are a few home remedies that can help stop your feet from smelling.

Good hygiene routines

An individual has to make an effort to invest in a good mild soap and a brush to clean your feet to get great excellent results, and you should do this every day.

You can also cut your nails as a cleanliness routine.

After cleaning your feet, use a nice clean, dry towel to dry them, and while at it, you can apply baby powder to keep your feet dry and avoid putting on the same shoes every day.

Invest in a good spray

You might opt to buy yourself an excellent deodorant or antiperspirant to do away with or make the smell appear mild when it makes you and people near you uncomfortable.

Wear clean socks

When it comes to wearing socks, ensure they are clean socks. Dirty socks worsen your situation, as they already stink.

Invest in soaks made with chemicals to reduce bacteria, which tends to bring about athlete’s foot, and that’s a guarantee your feet will stink.

Try wool socks that will pull away sweat from your feet as excess work is a cause of smelly sweat.

Watch your diet

Embrace a healthy balanced diet. Ensure that fruits and vegetables are half the meal you can serve carbohydrate ¼ and proteins ¼.

Ensure that your intake of red meat is reduced compared to your intake of white meat like fish or chicken because your body uses a lot of energy to break down red meat.

It equates to a lot of sweat all through your body, including your feet.

You can also do away with sulfur content foods like garlic, cabbage, and onions. And with processed foods, if you must take them, observe portion control.

Use Apple cider Vinegar.

Apple cider is a must-have vinegar in every household because it has many benefits, such as digestion and weight-loss regimes.

It’s cheap and readily available. Apple cider is a magical wonder with its ability to kill bacteria and excess dry sweat.

These two are the leading causes of smelly feet because apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, thus highly acidic.

Apple cider vinegar use is easy; you only take ½ a cup of it, mix it with like a jug of water and let your feet soak in it for around 20 minutes.

You can include this in your cleanliness routine depending on how smelly your feet are like twice per week.

Buy medicated insoles

One of the significant causes of smelly feet is wet feet as a result of sweating. Medicated insoles guarantee that feet wetness is controlled by absorbing excess moisture produced by your feet.

Sometimes you may try out these natural solutions, but the smell does not end.

You can check up with your professional doctor to prescribe for you medications to treat or manage your smelly feet problem, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up because of it.

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Are you a job seeker?try these top websites



Unemployment can be described as the biggest disaster our country Kenya is experiencing as of now. Many young people are finding it hard to transition from school to the job market. It’s not easy to find job opportunities as a youth.

As they are not the only jobseekers to get work. Companies and employers have been finding it difficult to get job seekers with extraordinary potential because they receive endless CVs.

The internet is the best thing that ever happened to the jobs sector as job websites allow job seekers to find their desired jobs. Gain new knowledge from job courses the websites offer and career advice.

It saves employers from going through a million CVs to find an employee with potential and skill.

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Here is a list of job websites in Kenya that one can use to find jobs that suit their skills and passion at no added cost.

Stars classifieds

 A product of the star newspaper. This job website allows one to look for work in Kenya and those who want to dare abroad.

The site requires that you sign In to access the jobs, but you can look for jobs without really signing in  .this website offers a great variety of jobs from sales marketing and many others

Campus biz

This is a website flocked with students and recently graduated comrades. They look for internships, attachments, and entry levels jobs as a start to grow their desired careers.

All you have to do is sign up and create an account with them. The good news is that they have a lot of categories one can choose from n regards to the one that will propel you to achieve your career goals, and it is free.

Brighter Monday

It’s among the leading East African job website and thus equals the highest number of job seekers and employers in its database .

Its origin of foundation is in Kenya and was founded by Ringier One Africa Media . You get the most out of this website when you sign up or create an account . Here job seekers benefit from CV training career planning, personality assessments, and even courses.

They get you equipped with skills that will get you a job depending on the industry, location in relation to country and city, and job activities . Ardent job seekers should subscribe to daily alerts of vacancies in their emails.


When you want to search for work on this website, you should create an account or sign up using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google accounts. Once logged in, job seekers are given a platform to learn and develop themselves.

FUZU offers free courses and insights on your career path from planning to growing it. This website has a wide variety of categories: job category, location, work experience, and many more.

It has partnerships with Accenture, thus offering a wide variety of courses to build you a job seeker with skills.


 This is a website that prides itself on the association of the government. The government of Kenya it through the Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology to empower the Kenyan youths to be able to access digital jobs.

This website does this by giving them free online training to help job seekers find their interest in online work.

Ajira can be termed the one-stop shop for amazing online job opportunities like local work in Kenya writing, engineering, architecture, software development, web, graphics creative work, and many more.

Jobs In Kenya

Known to be the best site for jobs for the Kenyan people, it is from varied departments from the engineering department, HR medical, social media, and just basically any department.

All you have to do is send the job advert if you are a job seeker or employee, and it will be advertised for free. Their email is jobsinkenya@gmail .com.

When choosing to go to these websites and get interviews to ensure that you are not duped as there are cons on the website waiting to prey on innocent desperate job seekers.

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Starting out as a Podcaster, try these tips



The creative and arts industry is slowly growing as many people are interested in producing content. The latest site is the podcast platform. A podcast platform is where you store and distribute your podcast, recordings, and audio files.

The platform also provides a podcast RSS feed; it states all the podcast episodes you will submit to other podcast directories.

The platform also provides analytics, web players, scheduling tools, and any other feature to publish your podcasts and make them grow. Here are the platforms that will increase your podcasts’ popularity, listening time and earn you subscribers.


It is a podcasting platform designed for more prominent enterprise-level podcasts. They serve as advertizers looking to reach popular podcasts.

Their suite feature for podcasts includes dynamic ad insertion, ad management, sales, and more. To get hosted on this platform, send them an email with an invite request.


It is a fantastic podcast hosting platform .they have a paid plan, but one can opt for their free plan; you can use it for as long as you want. Buzzsprout allows you to upload 2hours of audio per month, and the audios are hosted for 90 days.

A known free hosting platform with unlimited everything from podcasts, storage, and bandwidth and has an extensive directory of shows.


This is a podcast well known as a free podcast platform .this platform deals more with mobile podcasting, but you can use their web interface to edit and manage your episodes. The platform has an inbuilt ad platform, easy editing of your videos, and constantly updates new featured podcasts.


It’s a paid but also a free podcast platform. Its downside is that their podcasting features are limited, but you get up to 3 hours o storage free with this.

If you are interested in unlimited hosting, you can pay $135per year, which allows you to upload 30 hours of podcasts per week. With other payment options, you can avoid them as their downsize is that you can only upload 6 hours of content.

Before choosing a podcast platform consider these

Podcast hosting platforms are not the same. They are divided into groups. It depends on the users.

Some platforms are designed for beginners, big brands, or enterprise customers, and each has its pricing. For a beginner, be ready to part with $19 per month.

Podcast hosting subscriptions

Pricing for podcast hosting ranges from $5to$50 per month .prices varies; this depends on the podcast hosting company, the number of episodes, and how many of your podcasts have been downloaded.

Dangers of using a free podcast platform

The main issue is with data privacy issues is that you are not guaranteed privacy of your data.

Free podcast platforms lack sustainability and hence tend to be shut down, resulting in losing your podcasts, audios, and recording.

Go ahead seize the opportunities till you are established. Try packages you can comfortably afford. Podcasting has great returns especially when you create amazing content.

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