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How to clear your pimples with natural products while seated at home



Imagine you are living your incredible life, and then you encounter two annoying problems this is pimples and acne. This makes you feel that your life is over, and that is how you will start looking for solutions and recommendations on how to do away with them, and you may find the creams expensive, and that is how you find out the natural remedies on how to get rid of them. Acne can be found on your face, neck, face chest, back, and shoulders and this is because these areas contain a lot of oil glands. Excess sebum and dead cells lead to a block of hair follicles, allowing bacteria to strive, leading to inflammation that bulges to form a pimple. You get the temptation to pop your pimples, but avoid it as it will worsen the situation, resulting in acne; to avoid these, use these remedies to clear your pimples.

1. Egg Whites Mask

Egg whites contain proteins that clear up your stubborn acne and also tighten your pores, and with tight pores, it means less dirt accumulation places thus pimples will become a thing of the past and also contains vitamins and necessary amino acids that help to rebuild new skin cells doing away with the pimples and blackheads. It’s also easy to make; crush your two eggs and remove the yellow yorks and remain with your egg whites in a clean bowl. You can apply the egg whites on the affected parts and do in four intervals and wait for like 15 to 20 minutes to dry, then later wash your face. But use your moisturizer afterward; these face masks tend to leave your face dry.

2. Tea Tree Oil

Many people genuinely recommend this essential oil as it is very good and gentle on your skin. It also consists of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, thus fighting the bacteria and fungi causing pimples and acne and doing away with them from your skin. Tea tree oil treats acne. But to avoid further irritation, one should dilute it with water. To ensure your face is clean, wash it with warm water to remove dirt or oil particles that can react with tree oil leading to further damage, and use a cotton wool ball to apply it to the affected area.

3. Steaming

Use steam to deal with your acne or pimples. Steaming it will ensure that your pores are fully opened and thus cannot be clogged. Steam also detoxifies your skin, It makes your face sweat, and with sweating, you remove all the waste chemicals from the bloodstream in your face, all the while ensuring excellent blood flow in the face. Steam also moisturizes your face skin.

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Steaming is easy; you boil your water, and while hot, put it in a bowl and add a herb like neem. Use a towel or blanket and lower your head over the water, do this for 6 minutes while at it; ensure your eyes are closed you don’t have the steam getting in your face and making your eyes itchy and tearing. You can later use a clean cloth or a face towel to remove the impurities from your face.

4. Aloe vera Gel

Aloe vera is widely known for its soothing and cooling effect on your skin. It’s also responsible for boosting the blood flow to your skin and killing harmful bacteria that lead to the growth of pimples and also removes oiliness on your face which is responsible for blocking your pores, thus leading to pimples. You can buy your aloe vera gel from drug stores, beauty shops, or to be sure of your aloe vera, and you can create your own. It’s easy and affordable and available. It’s in high demand; you may miss them at the retailer.

Cut the aloe vera in sections; turn your blade to its side and slide it just under the skin to get the flesh. Cut the flesh into two pieces and ensure you put it in a clean bowl; you don’t want it contaminated, thus reacting negatively with your skin. You can set the flesh in the blender to make it smooth. You can keep the smooth liquid in your fridge. You can later apply the natural aloe vera gel to the areas that are affected.

5. Garlic

Garlic contains a lot of antioxidants that protect against cell damage which leads to acne and pimples. It also has antibacterial- antifungal, and antiviral properties, and this feature helps in treating and clearing acne and pimples. Garlic consumption is also good; it ensures amazing health and also purifies your blood system across the body, and when your blood has no free radicals, you are sure that there will be no future acne breakouts. Garlic is affordable and easy to use. Just peel your garlic clove rub it on the affected area a few times per day. For those with sensitive troublesome skin, crush it and mix with water to dilute the mixture.

6. Cucumber Cucumber is almost 96% water. It’s also known as an anti-inflammatory, and that is why it’s great when you use it on your notorious pimples to reduce their red appearance. To use it, make a mask when mixed with other natural ingredients. It helps to exfoliate your skin while leaving behind a soothing and cooling effect. Through exfoliation, dead cells are removed, leaving behind clean, unclogged pores that had accumulated dirt which leads to the break out of pimples

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The other side of Linturi



The politician was elected to the Senate in 2017 after serving as Igembe South lawmaker for more than two decades.

1. Arrested over ‘Madoadoa’ remarks at Eldoret rally

The lawmaker was arrested over controversial remarks he allegedly made during a rally in Eldoret on January 8. His arrest follows a directive by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji to the Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai to initiate an investigation into the remarks. The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) waded into the debate, indicating that the utterances attributed to Linturi could not only bring hate but also likely to affect harmonious coexistence between Kenyan communities.

2. Arrested over Sh530 million bank forgery claim

Linturi was on March 2021 arrested over claims he’d used forged signatures to secure an Sh530 million bank loan with properties of his estranged wife as collateral. In a petition filed before the High Court, Marianne Kitany, the estranged wife of the Meru Senator, accused him of forging signatures to secure the multimillion-shilling loan from Family Bank. The DPP recommended his arrest and prosecution for criminal offenses linked to the loans, overdrafts, and other credit facilities from the lender.

3. Child support claims

In April 2013, a woman accused police of not arresting the Meru Senator after he defaulted on Sh50,000 monthly maintenance as per a court order. The woman claimed police were hesitant to arrest the lawmaker despite instructions from the court. The woman, a dentist, had moved to court in August 2012 after the MP allegedly abandoned her and their three-year-old son. She claimed he evicted her and the child from their house in Kilimani. The woman claimed that she was married to the lawmaker in May 2008 under Meru customary law and the couple was blessed with a son two years later.

4. Charged with attempted rape

Linturi was on September 2021 charged at the Milimani Law courts with attempted rape.

As per the court papers, he was accused of attempting to rape a 36-year-old woman, an incident which said to have taken place in January 2021, at Maiyan Villas Hotel in Nanyuki. Linturi was later released on a Ksh 200,000 cash bail or an alternative of Ksh 500,000 bond by the Nairobi-based court after his lawyer pleaded he be released on reasonable cash bail.

5. Bitter divorce

In 2019, Linturi again treated the public to drama in the courts after her relationship with one Maryanne Kaitany ended in controversy. Kaitany accused him of infidelity and fraud while he denied ever marrying her, claiming he’d invited her to his house as a visitor and she had overstayed her visit.

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Best places to shop Shoes online in Kenya




Shop at the best online shoe stores to save money on a huge range of shoes – from boots to sneakers to kids shoes and everything in between.

When selecting the best online shoe stores we considered not only the stores themselves, but the way people shop for shoes in 2021.

You have to be able to shop with confidence, knowing that when you buy you can always return footwear at little or no cost, if it isn’t for you. 

The following are our top 5 Kicks e-stores in Kenya:

1.Kicks Kenya

Kicks Kenya is one of the top picks for online shoe stores because it provides an excellent all round service, while offering a good range of shoes at competitive prices.

The website itself is easy to navigate, has excellent product photography, and offers loads of useful information on each product page.

2.Malooku Kenya

If you’re looking for the best prices and opportunities to save more, Malooku is one of the best options.

Malooku also boosts for it’s first delivery of less than 24hrs anywhere in Kenya and ability to track your order.

We love that the picture of the shoes has pride of place, and there are so many images for each pair, showing you almost all the angles you could possibly want to see.

Malooku Kenya also makes a feature of its user reviews, and underneath each product you get statistics from customers detailing information on the shoe.

3.Jumia Kenya

Jumia is a good online shopping site to shop almost anything from. It saves you time, energy and I can say sometimes money. 

Unlike the above mentioned stores ,Jumia Kenya boosts of its wide category of product list.Ranging from kicks to accessories ,outfits to household utilities Jumia is among the leading e-commerce stores in Kenya.

The only disadvantage on Jumia according to client reviews on TrustPiliot the customer care services are poor due to overscaling.


One of the best online shops in Kenya with good deals at the most affordable prices. They offer flash sale deals which are cheap and great for ordinary people.

They deliver locally within 5 days and International orders within 15 days and 25 days.

They also accept returns on disputed products.


AliExpress has a consumer rating of 3.13 stars from 6,891 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Consumers satisfied with AliExpress most frequently mention good quality, fast delivery and free shipping.

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List of hit songs of 2021



1.EX’ by Nikita Kering

Songbird Nikita Kering gave us vocals upon vocals with the song off her album dubbed ‘A side of me’

The year has also been good to the 19-year-old as in November, Nikita bagged two awards in the All African Music Awards (AFRIMA)

Kering won the Best Artiste Rnb and Soul category as well as the Best Female Artiste Africa category.

2.‘Ndovu in Kuu’ by Krispah x Khaligraph Jones, Boutross

The song by upcoming singer Krispah makes it to the list thanks to all the drama around the hit track.

From the alleged ‘profiling’ bars to copyright breach, ‘Ndovu ni Kuu’ made it to the list of the top songs in 2021 with over 8.4 million views so far.

3.‘Siskii’ by Mejja

Genge legend Mejja has blessed his fans with hits back to back but unfortunately most of his songs have been flagged on copyright allegations with Youtube deleting them.

That notwithstanding, ‘Siskii’ song released in February was one of the well received songs with fans vibing to the easy-breezy lyrics.

4.‘Pete Yangu’– Bahati ft Nadia Mukami

The song with over 5.2million views is Bahati’s hit song off his album ‘Love like this’ released in June 2021.

5.‘Pombe/Above The Head’– Iyanii

The song gained momentum after President Uhuru Kenyatta lifted the curfew on October 20, during the Mashujaa Day celebrations in Kirinyaga county.

Kenyans celebrated the freedom to party and be ‘outside’ in wee hours with this song right here.

6.‘Back it up’– Nameless and Wahu

Tiktok’s best challenge this year goes to this compilation by love birds Nameless and Wahu.

7.‘Only One'(Dawa ya Baridi) – Mr Seed ft Masauti

The hit song by Gospel singer Mr. Seed was one of the biggest hits after its release in mid-September off his album dubbed ‘Black Child’

It took off with Tiktok challenges and managed to amass over 4.7 million views on Youtube

8.‘Sipangwingwi’– Exray Taniua ft Trio Mio & Ssaru

The younglings gave us the ‘ultimate come back’ for the bad vibes and negative energy in our lives moving forward.

From politicians to influencers, the line is spreading like wildfire and its only prudent to mention.

9.‘Such Kinda Love’– Otile Brown X Jovial

We all loved when Otile Brown reunited with his former signee Jovial for their hit song ‘Such kinda love’

It was so good that the song still hit over 13.5 million views on YouTube.

10.‘Hapo Tu’– Nyashinski ft Chris Kaiga

For the last song on the list, the beautiful compilation of Nyashinski and Chris Kaiga released in the last days of 2020 basically hit the airwaves in 2021.

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