How to ensure your German Shepherd dog is disciplined in 9 easy steps

German shepherds make the best pets for any family. To make them the best overall pets, you will have to train and discipline them effectively.

You have to do this while they are still young or when you first bring them into your home. You don’t start to discipline your dog; you have to know of that, and it should be an effective measure.

When you do not discipline your GSD, they start to think they are in charge and behave how they want.

Imagine if your pet has power over you? That’s why discipline is essential for your GSD failure; you have to expect tough times in taking care of your family pet.

1.Offering rewards

Rewarding your dog is a good criterion for disciplining your german shepherd dog. It’s also a discipline method for almost all dog breeds. When you punish your dog, they may never really pinpoint what resulted in them being punished most of the time. But rewards help as GSD like when they are pampered.

When a GSD has done something wrong, they know they tend to be very calm and stay in their kennel. It is mostly when they fight with another dog or empty their potty in their kennel.

2.Being consistent

When you consistently reward your GSD because of good behavior keeps your dog grounded and disciplined.

It may be when they get on their kennel on time and when it has pottied where they are required when still young, and with continuous rewards, the habits stick.

3.Make your dog know that you are in charge.

You are sure that your fur pet, the German Shepherd, is cheeky and stubborn; making him feel that they are in charge is the worst decision you can make.

Ensure that your GSD walks beside you, not running ahead; you do not want to lose him or get himself in trouble. Always stay above them and only let them perform an action when they have your approval.

4.A calm you and a calm household

How calm you and your household influence the behavior of your GSD. For a GSDs discipline, you and your household have to be quiet.

This should start at a time when your GSD is still a puppy. To have a calm household for me is a bit tricky as I own other dog breeds and hold many parties that’s a bit difficult.

But I compensate for that by letting my GSD out on a calm evening sit, relax and talk to him. This allows my GSD to know there is playing time and a quiet hour for us.

5.Love your German Shepherd

When you own a GSD breed dog, you have to love them. They love attention, pampering, and being loved.

Love changes a person’s perception; it’s the same when it comes to a GSD. They were specially created to crave love, and when they get it, they become disciplined and obedient.

6.Let your GSD eat their food.

When you consistently reward your GSD because of good behavior keeps your dog grounded and disciplined.

It may be when they get on their kennel on time and when it has pottied where they are req

7. Never let your GSD display any aggression or wild behaviour around kids or other pets

Sometimes GSDs tend to be unruly; you should not tolerate that not; they have to be punished, especially when they fight with other pets or any kind of aggression.

Here you have to reprimand their actions and punish them right then, so they know it’s a mistake.

8.Never let them sleep on your couches or furniture.

Let him sleep on their required spot to instill discipline. Do not carry them to your couches, furniture, or even your room, even when you love them so much.

Without clearly set rules, your GSD may become indisciplined and be in charge of you. And you regaining control over them becomes problematic.


Thinking of getting yourself a German Shepherd pet?Consider these tips


Ensure that your GSD gets enough exercise as it’s through the exercise that he is trained on discipline.

A GSD is good for you, especially if you are an active person; you can play ball and run with them and, in the process, teach them discipline.

He has to do all you teach them so that you are in charge and instill discipline.


Having a disciplined GSD means that you have control and are in charge of your pet. Your main goal of disciplining your dog is to ensure your dominance with no physical punishment and to have your pet’s trust.
Since it’s the close of the day, let me walk my Troy and enjoy our calm evening.