How to maintain a good physique at 35

Did you know physical fitness is essential after 35? As we keep on aging, we get lazy and lose morale in keeping fit.

Being fit is an ongoing process and does not matter what age you are. Total fitness requires commitment, hard work, and patience.

Getting that summer body and retaining it requires a lot.

Here is a list of how to maintain physical fitness at 35.


A step at a time for 30-45 minutes daily is what it all needs. Depending on your schedule, you can choose the ideal time that works for you.

This fantastic workout will help you keep fit and keep lifestyle diseases at bay. Jogging keeps your body healthy and fit.

That little sweat is what your skin needs to remove toxins and stay fresh and healthy.

Healthy Diet

Exercises are essential to keep you fit. However, it is crucial to watch what you eat.

Avoid junk foods such as hydrogenated oil, processed meats, highly-sugar enriched foods, and those containing artificial ingredients.

Lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits work wonders.

Living a stress-free life

Find a way of relieving your stress. You can engage in reading, dancing, meditation, exercises, aromatherapy, and yoga, and much more as this will relax and keep your mind engaged.

Stress leads to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes as well as negatively impacts the body’s functionality.

Lack of pressure also keeps your skin healthy.

Engage in hobbies

Doing what you love most is a form of exercise that will keep you fit. Your hobby might be running, swimming, dancing or playing football.

You need to do these activities more often and make them part of your habit. Keeping your body and mind engaged is the first fitness rule.


With improved technological advancements, walking is a thing of the past for some. Walking in itself is an exercise.

Ensure you take some steps while going or coming back from work, going to the shop, or nature walk.

Walking for one kilometer away keeps diseases at bay as well as keeps your body fit. For those with tight schedules, weekend walks would greatly help.

Enough sleep

To have a refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed brain and body, one has to keep fit. A good night’s sleep of up to 8 hours is put into consideration.

Having a regular sleeping pattern is one of the rules of fitness. To retain that summer body, you need to boost your metabolism through enough sleep. Your skin also needs rest.

Drinking lots of water

Human bodies need enough water for physical and mental fitness. Drinking enough water reduces fatigue and enhances the well-functioning of the brain.

Taking lots of water improves your body’s metabolic rate and lowers food cravings.

You need to replace energy drinks with water as they lack nutritional value to keep you fit and healthy.


Having self-esteem is essential for your journey towards working out to keep fit. Listen less to what others say or think.

Take every compliment positively, and don’t look back on achieving your goal.


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Make sitting your enemy

Did you know those chair sessions can have a destructive impact on your health? Avoid staying in the chair for more extended hours; instead, move a lot.

Keeping your body active enhances the well-functioning of the brain and the entire body.


Keeping yourself active, drinking lots of water and great sleep is an avenue for a great physique.