How To Start A Successful Tech Company In Kenya

The tech sector is one of the rising business opportunities all over the world, with good profit earnings if well managed and maintained.

Just like any other kind of business, starting a tech company is equally challenging, especially when one has no background information on setting off the ground.

However, when equipped with the technical know-how of the dos and don’ts in running such a company, then your goals are just closer.

What to consider before starting

With a desire of becoming a great entrepreneur by setting up a tech company, one needs to learn how to build a product that will attract customers.

Here are some insightful tips on how to go about product building.

  • Start by building your own product
  • In building your product, consider making it as perfect as you can.
  • Build or get the right software that will make your product successful.
  • Identify the right team that will help you grow your business.
  • Due to competition, prepare for a failure(in case it happens), as there are other products in the market.
  • Consider partnering with other businesses that will propel your product in the market.

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Steps to follow

(I). Build a brand

Establish and build a brand that offers uniqueness compared to other brands in the market. This will create the identity of your business that will attract a lot of customers. you can consider using social media to make your brand known as it has a lot of positive audiences.

(II). Build your team

As much as you’re the business owner, you need a team that will help you to run it.

Try your best to keep your employees motivated and encouraged. Create team-building activities which will help your team stick together. Create an environment that is not too monotonous to keep your staff motivated.

(III). Be flexible to learn

In the tech world, things keep changing day in, day out. You should create room for learning as much as possible. What might be working for you today may become obsolete the next day.

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You should stay updated with the latest research, and the newly innovated/launched products. Also, listen to business podcasts, and read about what’s changing in your business industry. Train your team members regularly on these updates.

(IV). Proper time management

As the business keeps growing, time management is very important. There are more activities to plan and more tasks to do, hence, staying organized becomes a challenge sometimes. If you mismanage time it leads to disorganization, which may end up messing up your business goals. You need to ensure that all activities are handled in the best time and manner possible.

You may consider automating your daily tasks in order to avoid biasness on time spend on certain tasks at the expense of others. Plan your tasks in order of priority and stay strict on time management.

(V). Invest in a good customer care service system

A great business is one which encourages customers to keep coming again and again. This is not just by the quality of the product offered, but also by how the customers are treated and appreciated. Get concerned to know how your product is serving the customers.

You can achieve this by interacting with your customers to get feedback on how your product is doing. Being the consumers of product/service, let them comment on what they think about your service or product.

Also, allow your customers to express how they feel about your business and what they think needs to be changed.

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(VI). Be transparent

Transparency is one of the key areas that will help in retaining your pool of customers, if not earning new ones. It helps the business to earn the trust of the customers.

Nevertheless, transparency will help the business grow as consistently well-served customers will refer many others to your business.

Always share with your customers details about the specifications of your products. This makes the customer aware of what he/she is buying and considers if it fits the need.

After operating for some time, try to remain consistent on the services you began with. Don’t alter a thing unless when it’s necessary.

In addition, try to compensate your customers on occasions where they received faulty products or improper services.

(VII). Know your competitors

It’s always good to note that there are other products which are similar to your product in the market.

Learning about your competitors will help you determine their next move. This helps in planning ahead of them.

Analyze the business strategies of your competitor and compare them with yours. derive an idea from them and build better.