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‘I was having a bad day’: ‘Kanjo’ at centre of city car drama says



The Nairobi city centre was rocked by chaos on Tuesday morning after an attempt by inspectorate officers to tow a private vehicle quickly went awry, leaving one man injured and three parked cars damaged.

It all began when three officers, commonly referred to as ‘kanjo’, arrived with their break-down vehicle to clamp a silver-gray BMW which was parked near Jamia Mosque along Banda Street. They were on orders to tow the parked vehicle, Koja Ezekiel, a man sub-contracted by the City Inspectorate Office, said. 

Without confirming whether the owner had paid for the parking spot, the officers clamped the vehicle and began towing it towards Kimathi Street. Upon seeing the vehicle being taken away, by-standers near the vehicle tried to explain that the owner had already paid for parking. However, they remained adamant and would hear none of it. 

The adamant inspectorate officers got into their breakdown vehicle, registration number KAE 870F that had a yellow Nairobi City County board written number 4/3/16, and began to move the car.

By this point, the altercation with inspectorate officers had began to draw a crowd of onlookers. Interested bystanders, passers-by and boda boda riders were drawn into the drama, which the owner of the towed car was trying to resolve, and closely followed the conversation. 

The situation, however, threatened to get out of hand when the witnesses demanded that the clamped vehicle be released as its parking had been paid for.

Sensing danger, the inspectorate officers got into their vehicle and drove off towards Kimathi Street while towing the vehicle, whose steering wheel was locked, thus causing the car to zig-zag and inconvenience other road users. 

By this time, the crowd of onlookers had grown into an angry mob. They caught up with the city inspectorate vehicle which had been left behind by panicked officers who took off upon realising the extent of damage they had caused. However, the crowd caught up with one officer, who was quickly rescued from their wrath by police officers who were nearby.

But this did not stop the city inspectorate vehicle which, in a panic, sped on as the towed vehicle continued hitting several other cars parked in front of Nation Centre. The vehicles, including a black Toyota Avensis and silver Nissan Note, were hit. The break-down vehicle finally came to a halt after hitting a black Subaru Forester. A parked grey Prado missed being hit by a whisker as it was just inches away from the line of impact.

The crowd turned its anger to the  break-down vehicle, which was quickly vandalised. Its windscreen was shuttered, bonnet pulled to the ground, the car battery damaged and several wires surrounding the engine cut.

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Ex-Ivorian president Gbagbo files for divorce



As per media reports in the West African country Gbagbo’s lawyer Claude Mentenon said in a statement that after years of “repeated rejected requests for Simone Ehivet to consent to an amicable separation”, the ex-president had asked an Abidjan court for a divorce.

The announcement comes four days after Gbagbo returned to Ivory Coast following a decade’s absence, during which he was tried for crimes against humanity during the post-election conflict of 2010-11.

Simone Gbagbo wielded significant political influence as the first lady and was arrested alongside her husband in April 2011 after he refused to concede defeat, sparking a conflict that left some 3,000 people dead.

Simone Gbagbo was sentenced to 20 years’ prison in Ivory Coast for “violating state security”, but was released in 2018 after seven years of detention as part of an amnesty.

Gbagbo’s homecoming comes after his once-bitter rival, current President Alassane Ouattara, embraced his return in the name of national reconciliation.

Laurent and Simone Gbagbo, who have two daughters, married in 1989 and campaigned alongside each other for the introduction of multi-party elections in the 1990s.

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KBC presenter Shiksha Arora mugged in Nairobi



Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) presenter Shiksha Arora says she was a victim of a mugging in Nairobi.

The incident, she says, happened at the Globe roundabout flyover, on Monday June 21, 2021, on the day she rejoined the national broadcaster after a year break.

Via a tweet thread, Shiksha described the experience as a ‘near-death’ ordeal where the thugs managed to get into the car she was driving and attempted to strangle her.

At around 5.20 pm, Shiksha says one of the thugs first knocked on her side mirror, bending it backwards, as if trying to remove it, before walking away.

As Shiksha was rolling down the window to reposition the mirror, a second guy started banging the front seat passenger window loudly to distracting her.

The presenter further said that a third guy came and through the driver’s window unlocked her car.

“As I was looking to my left, guy 3 slid his hand in through my window and unlocked my car, got into the back seat. Grabbed my purse and asked for my phone, at this point in time I was in panic mode, couldn’t say anything. He asked for it again and reached for my neck, strangling me,” she said.

Adding, “As he was strangling my neck, I desperately gasped for air, I started hooting loudly to get some attention, hoping somebody would help me. People started getting out of their cars and that’s when they let go and fled. He went with my purse, but I am TRAUMATIZED that he attacked me.”

Shiksha advised motorists not to roll down windows in any case of any commotion while on traffic as the thugs work in teams.

“These thugs work in teams in broad daylight during peak traffic, don’t roll down your window no matter what when on globe roundabout. I got lucky, he didn’t manage to hurt me much, despite strangling my neck and getting away with my purse. I am okay but traumatized,” she added.

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Mukhisa Kituyi’s Nudes Leaked



Presidential Candidate Mukihsa Kituyi is a man under siege.His nude videos were released today by his love, a Mombasa lady by the name Dianna Opemi. Mukhisa, is a presidential aspirant in the 2022 elections, he is said to have assaulted his lover Dianna at a hotel in Nyali, Mombasa, who later on leaked his nude videos.

The lady claims that Mukhisa allegedly assaulted her,

“He pushed me from the bed, and continued kicking me even after I fell on the floor, whereby I ended sustaining injuries on the left knee,” she claimed.

Miss Opemi further recorded a statement at Nyali police station, claiming that Mukhisa brutally assaulted her after she refused his sexual advances. 

It is now believed that the disagreement that erupted between the two could have attributed to the leaking of the bedroom video on social media.

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