It’s not healthy for the country in the aura of exchanges between holders of the presidency.

The DP and his lieutenants have taken propaganda war a notch higher to confuse the gullible masses.

The President lamented that his Deputy was hurling insults at him and blaming him for the high cost of living.

Yet, he remains part of Government. He spares no time to remind the world that he’s no. 2 in Government.

Title of Deputy President

He earns a living under the title of Deputy President. All the President was reiterating is that the DP can’t have his cake and eat it.

It will never happen. He should have resigned to let him appoint another helper. The DP and his camp turned it around to mislead the public.

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That the President was regretting that the absence of his Deputy at work has resulted in the high cost of living.

Public exchanges

That’s propaganda whose public exchanges can upset political stability. It’s time the DP respected the President if he expects the same in the event he becomes President.

Hitting back at the President through social media even before he finished his Labour Day speech is the reason he thinks the President was regretting for sidelining him.

He hadn’t heard and digested the import of the speech and jumped to conclusion. In any case, the DP takes credit of Jubilee’s infrastructure achievements, meaning that the President hasn’t failed after all.