It’s unfortunate the driving force of joining elective politics is easy access to money, without working for it.

The case for expulsion of six senators from the ruling party is an eye opener for us who dream of an enlightened and self-reliant populace.

These MPs are joyriders in the Jubilee Party. They have demonstrated in words and deeds that they left the Party a long time ago.

Yet, they are not principled enough to welcome their ouster for fear of loss of salary, high perks and other privileges.

A calling to serve

The case teaches us to make elective positions, financially, unattractive. That’s when people with a calling to serve will join elective politics.

Just, listen to video clips of the late Tom Mboya to acknowledge that we had people with a calling to serve.

We, still, have them, but eclipsed by dishonest dealers, disguised as political leaders. Elected leaders with a calling to serve will end corruption in their first year in the Legislature.

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Stolen assets

Recovery of stolen assets will follow. Loans will be re-negotiated to concessionary terms and long term retirement.

Social justice will define government policy, tailored to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

There will be enabling policy and economic environment for investment. The cost of doing business will go down.

Equal opportunities

Jobs will be created on equal opportunities, without discrimination on any grounds. Tenderpreneurship will be expelled from public space.

People will, proudly, work and meet their personal financial obligations. Handouts will be a thing of the past. Political brokerage will end.

The tax brackets will be widened, accompanied by reduction in personal taxes. Public services will be efficient and effective.

Vision 2030

People will be willing to pay taxes, without exemptions. Kenya will attain the middle income status, envisaged in Vision 2030.

Kenya is rich in human capital and natural resources. She lacks servant leaders. The country is governed by thieving entrepreneurs who masquerade as leaders.

My appeal for 2022 is, elect people who understand the ideology of social justice for the people to be empowered as contemplated by the 2010 Constitution.