Jay-Z and Blue Ivy at NBA Finals and other documented cute father daughter moments

Jay-Z has always enjoyed sharing moments with his lovely daughter Blue Ivy Carter. And on June 13, Jayz was joined by his 10-year-old daughter Blue Ivy at Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

There, they watched the Golden State Warriors clinch a 104-94 win and 3-2 lead over the Boston Celtics at the Chase Center in San Francisco. 

The 52-year-old rapper and producer sat courtside with his eldest daughter, who bore a striking resemblance to mom Beyonce. They matched in all-black outfits; JAY-Z wore a black tee and joggers with white sneakers, while Blue Ivy sported a black leather jacket, black sweats, and black and white sneakers, accessorizing with hoop earrings.

Jayz has always loved his daughter and these amazing pictures at the game award ceremonies and even strolls all indicate the best father-daughter relationship.

Jayz and Blue Ivy at the Grammy awards

Jay-Z and his daughter were donning suits a the Grammy event. Jayz was holding Blue Ivy who had worn a tiny pink suit on his lap.

Jayz and Ivy at a seaside stroll

Rapper Jay-Z nestled little ivy in his arm during a Sea Side outing on Sunday. Shows how despite him being a great and busy businessman he has time for his daughter.

Jay-Z and blue ivy at the Lakers Game

Jayz and blue had a great and adorable date with his father at the L.A Lakers vs Clippers game.

Jay-Z and Ivy the 60th Grammy award ceremony

This was a special Grammy award ceremony as Blue Ivy Carter won a grammy award. It was special as Ivy was the second youngest Grammy Award winner and she won Best Music Video for her role in her Mother’s Brown skin Girl visual.

Jay-Z and blue ivy at Carter attend the 66th NBA all-star game

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter attend the 66th NBA All-Star Game at Smoothie King Center on February 19, 2017, in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a very nice father-daughter moment.

Jay-Z and Ivy strolled the streets of New York.

Jay-Z and blue ivy stroll the streets of new york while donning baseball caps.

Jay-Z carrying Blue Ivy on stage at the MTV VMAs in 2014

Jay-Z was carrying blue ivy on stage at her first VMAs event. The duo father and daughter presented the Vanguard Award to Beyonce.

Beyonce CFDA awards Jay-Z and Blue Ivy attend the event

Beautiful photos taken in the event have Jayz carrying Blue. He was donning a black Tuxedo.



Blue Ivy ad Jay-Z have cute father-daughter moments. Despite Jay-Z being a busy businessman, he has time to spend with his daughter.