Kenya needs to review the 600 meter radius from a transformer for electricity connection

It’s the policy of Kenya Power to connect consumers with electricity only if their dwellings are within the radius of 600 meters from a transformer.

Yet, there’re households a kilometer or more away from the nearest transformer that are connected to the national grid.

That’s a sign of corruption in electricity connectivity.

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Potential consumers

Potential consumers whose homes are wired are not connected to the national grid for reason that they’re more than 600 meters from the nearest transformer.

I’ve enquired and found that it’s a policy decision rather than a technical one. That’s bad policy that denies Kenyans access to power.

It’s said that those more than 600 meters away from a transformer risk burning of their properties for fear that emergency services may not reach them in case of outages that can cause damage.

Frequent outages

Frequent outages have damaged consumers’ electronic appliances.

I doubt that Kenya Power ever compensates them unless industrial plants. If it’s technically possible to connect premises more than 600 metres from the transformer.

Kenya Power should review the policy to have all the 12 million Kenyan households connected to the national grid.