Kenyans complain about the non-performing economy, public debt and corruption scandals in government.

John Carson warned, “Choices have consequences.”

The complaints have turned into social media protests to the extent of petitioning the Bretton Woods (IMF & World Bank) institutions to stop disbursement of more loans to the UhuRuto government.

The same Kenyans (led by campaign brokers) are rooting for the mutated UhuRuto variant (hustler mantra) to fulfill the Uhuru 10 – Ruto 10 covenant in the 2022 succession matrix.

Procedural succession arrangements

It doesn’t matter that the mutant has gone against the procedural succession arrangements.

He has taken the pursuit of rising to the presidency as a matter of life and death to the extent of estranging himself from the center.

He has been in early succession campaigns at the chagrin of the President. He is using personal resources to earn the presidency, instead of being patient to receive the baton as heir apparent in the succession matrix.

If Ruto succeeds

This cost will be passed over to the tax payers in other ways, if he succeeds. Kenyans behave and act as a brainless and cursed lot.

They aid populist politicians to turn elections into lucrative business. They, then, display very short memories on the root causes of their unending deprivation, poverty and misery as politicians show lavish lifestyles.

They sell their votes for Ksh. 10 – 200, and, thereafter, start complaining of unemployment, high taxes, public debt burden and poor services.

Same mistake

They repeat the same mistake every election, by-passing patriotic aspirants in favor of populists and expect different results (better/improved services).

They forget that buyers of their votes must recover the costs and make profits in preparation for the next purchase.

The official income of elective positions will never recoup the costs of a bought election. The populist aspirants are in business.


They hire brokers through whom the Ksh. 10 – 200 notes reach the voters.

The brokers’ cut may be high enough to pay college fees for one semester, while voters’ children stay at home or conduct harambees to join college.

The brokers are responsible for the mistakes voters make at the ballot. They mislead voters on behalf of the aspirant for a fee.

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Consequences of poor leadership

It’s their business. Yet, they also suffer the consequences of poor leadership. They have the keys to correct the mess if they become patriots in civic education for voters.

The following are the sources of money for aspirants of elective positions:

1. Personal savings from official income (employment/business/property);

2. Stolen money by servants from work stations;

3. Tenderpreneurship (get paid for no supplies);

4. Kickbacks in capital projects and consultancies;

5. Scandals in supplies and examination leakages.

Legal campaign expenses

Personal savings from official income/sale of personal properties may raise money to meet legal campaign expenses, including the cost of travel (transport, meals and stipend) of agents, posters and hiring public address system.

The source can’t generate enough money to include handouts to voters who average 70,000 per constituency.

That’s why, even, with illegal sources of money, the amount of cash handouts is Ksh. 10 – 200, depending on the attendance of the rally or door to door campaign meetings.

The majority of aspirants use one or more of the illegal sources, despite the legal requirement of declaration of one’s assets and liabilities.

Full cost of a purchased election

The official income (salary and perks) of an elected office holder can’t compensate the full cost of a purchased election.

The office holder is forced to use illegal means to access tax payers’ money in order to recoup the costs and enrich themselves.

The public debt that the social media protestors are basing on to petition the IMF is blamed on the failure of MPs in their legislative and oversight roles.

Passing over loan repayments to taxpayers

The problem of the Executive is theft by servant of the loan money and passing over its repayment to tax payers.

The ability of those charged for Kimwarer and Arror dam scandals to raise a cash bail of Ksh. 15 million on the spot is proof enough of theft.

There’s no public servant who can raise that kind of money at instance. UhuRuto are responsible for the spiraling public debt and tolerance of mega scandals in government.

You can not elevate the DP

You can’t elevate the DP to the presidency and expect him to provide answers to the scandals he, unashamedly, defended in a function presided over by the president.

It will be his golden opportunity to not only cover up, but also recoup the money he will have used to earn the position. Indeed, choices have consequences. Let’s learn lessons from history to avoid repetition of past voting mistakes.

Elect the leaders with a vision and base their words and deeds on ideology, principles, values, integrity and respect for the rule of law. Tribal and regional considerations should be none of the criteria for leadership positions.