Kodak Black Responds to 21 Savage Seemingly on His Album Sales

Kodak black and 21 savage back-and-forth are heating up—which will hopefully only result in a now highly-anticipated Verzuz battle.

In the latest movement in the situation, Yak is calling out the Atlanta rapper over a comment he made appearing to diss the South Florida rapper’s album sales.

On Tuesday morning (Nov. 15), Kodak black addressed 21’s recent statement on his Instagram Story.

“21 do his thing I give him credit where its due but don’t come for me [talking] ’bout my album sales homie that ain’t gangsta!” he typed. “You niggas know what I been thru in this shit.

And you niggas had a whole consistent run with no hiccups [for real] and y’all are 30 years old plus! I’m a young nigga doing this shit since I came in the game I was in and out of jail.

And y’all still ain’t really doing [nothing] where I gotta catch up! I’m doing pretty dam good for myself still like I ain’t been anywhere! Imagine if I didn’t tho.

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“This muthafucka talking about Nas irrelevant,” Kodak said in an IG Live. “How the fuck Nas ain’t relevant, homie? N***a smoking dick because of Drake. We from the projects. We from the trenches. We don’t give a fuck about no fucking…you did a Drake. We salute Drake. We love Drake. OK, whatever. Fam, folks smoking dick. Nas that n***a.”

Kodak later responded in an IG Live, “That’s how you should feel, know what I mean? But you know I always put myself first over any n***a, any day. That’s a cap,” he said.

“I’m smoking Kodak, 21 fired back. ​“Nah, Kodak got some shit though, it just depends how a n***a play it. He acting like I ain’t got that shit, that’s what be the problem. He forgets, I don’t know what n***a is thinking. Before all this Drake shit, I have been having hits. Been having diamond songs and shit.”

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