LinkedIn drafted messages that hurt your brand

LinkedIn is a social media platform mainly preferred for business needs, but continuous poor performance will have you ruin your brand image and that of your company.

Salespeople have already flooded the platform, and you will constantly be bombarded with daily zero-value sales pitches, which are pretty annoying.

This leads to users blocking and marking them as spam. Hence not promoting your business.

The following is a list of unethical behaviors that can badly ruin the image of your brand on LinkedIn  :

The bait trap

It is the most offensive type of message, and this gains one an instant block from a potential customer.

The message is mostly the “hey, we have things in common do you want to connect?” followed by an immediate blind pitch after accepting the connection request.

This is bad for your brand because a customer already knows you are just interested in making a sale and reaping profits. You lack business ethics.

The copy and paste

It is the message you send to as many random people as possible. This message isn’t even addressed to your potential customer; it doesn’t even have a name on it.

It’s a message at the same sales level as walking through the mall and having a kiosk worker yell, “Hey you! Buy my products!”. That can not land you a customer; you’ll definitely get blocked. 

You need to add value.

Try to be unique.

You have to show that you care about your customers your product and generally help others.

The cry for help

Here you have one asking for help, and it’s because they really need help, and they can in detail and tell you about their struggle.

When you talk about that, you are able to have someone clicking on the link and buying it.

Humans have a natural need to help other people, but is that business model going to stick really. Many people get tired o listening to sob stories as they have existed for a long time.


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 Making a sale online is a little bit hard as you do not know who your customer is.

You may over-sale yourself, and you earn a block, say little information, and you are ignored. This makes one think making a phone call or meeting in pron with your customer was the best.

Create a well-personalized message that you will love the messages and give a seller a chance even if you are a customer on the platform.

If you are not creative, be sure you will be put in the spam folder or blocked.