Listening to Orengo and Mbadi, you would conclude all ballots have been counted with Raila’s lead beyond reach

They have challenged Ruto to accept defeat. Orengo added that Raila will be sworn in on August 10, 2022.

He knows the Constitution doesn’t allow that to happen even if he wins. Another excited aspirant for a seat in Nairobi of Luo extraction. Suggested that Raila should establish a military base in Kisumu within 100 days of his Presidency.

For reason that Mombasa and Nakuru cities have military bases.

Madoadoa and the tsunami

Raila’s utterances on madoadoa and the tsunami sweeping KKA reinforce the Nyanza excitement.

And Junet’s warning of Kagwe about Raila’s presidency. All these utterances repel undecided voters from Raila’s Azimio.

It’s a reflection of the behavior of sudden demographics under his rule. We’ve seen crowds before whose outcome at the end has been tears followed by handshakes.

Plot to rig elections

While in the USA, DP Ruto claimed that there’s a plot to rig elections. Despite this rigging fear, he urged Raila to accept defeat this time round.

Marjan has been confirmed as Chiloba’s replacement at the IEBC. He joined the electoral agency in 2015 and was Chiloba’s Deputy.

He’s the rigging institutional memory and leader of the Secretariat responsible for managing computer servers.

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The Secretariat

It’s not the Commissioners who rig elections. The Secretariat manages elections and commissioners announce the results.

What’s my point? The Commission can inadvertently declare the wrong victor as witnessed before and leave the rest to the Supreme Court.

The IEBC is still in contempt of the Supreme Court. The agency’s Management, like Leadership, is intact.

Rutos confidence

This informs the DP’s confidence to trounce Raila. Electoral Injustice remain the elephant in the room.

Raila and his handshake failed to address it. It will come to haunt him once again. Raila’s team shouldn’t be cheated about the support of the system or Deep State.

The President will let the IEBC run the election without interference. That means he won’t control rigging.

The Mountain

He’s unlikely to camp in the Mountain to campaign for Raila for fear of compromising his position of symbol of national unity.

That’s why his support of Raila has been limited to Sagana Lodge where the very elites who poisoned the masses about the bogeyman are the same ones in attendance.

It’s too early for the Enigma to celebrate. Crowds are about curiosity not votes. They become individuals during the election day where voting is secret.