LOGIC denies dissing Tdes reason on ‘VINYL DAYS’: ‘you are my brother’

Logic, while talking to Twitter on Tuesday morning (June 14), the Maryland rapper mentioned the TDE signee after Rory from the New Rory & Mal podcast told him REASON believed he dissed him on his recent release

“Hey bro @reasonTDE my boy @thisisrory said you thought I dissed you on my song Vinyl Days,” he wrote. “If I was going to diss you, I’d diss you. I love you, you’re my brother. Let’s get ice cream together some time.”

Rory added in a tweet of his own, “And here I was just trying to be Sensible … smh.”

Logic didn’t expand on the perceived diss in question, but he does use the word “reason” a couple of times on the DJ Premier-featured “Vinyl Days.”

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“Come on, homie, listen to the voice of reason/Yeah, you talk a lot of shit but don’t want the beef like a vegan,” he raps, along with, “Fuckin’ with Logic, that’s the reason that you stop breathing/Cardiac arrest caught you at your chest/Should’ve wore a vest, now you all a mess/You no kind of threat, you should’ve wore a dress.”

In a since deleted tweet of the time REASON wrote, “I’ll talk about the logic thing if necessary later. But I do wanna make clear I didn’t wait til he retired to take a shot. I wrote this shit a year ago. That’s corny to do that now after he’s announced retirement. Take care, enjoy the music!”

Shortly after, Logic was asked whether he heard the track during a live Twitch session, to which he responded, “I don’t know who that is.

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