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Mauzo hires Limousine to pick Vera and daughter from Hospital



Businesswoman Vera sidika and her newborn left the hospital in style after brown mauzo hired a Limousine to take them home.

“Bae got @princess_asiabrown on a LIMOUSINE for her first ride. While leaving the hospital 😩❤️🥺 so sweet. She’s Definitely Daddy’s little girl 💃🏻💃🏻 we love you @brownmauzo254 ❤️😘”, shared Vera Sidika.

 “We Thank God for everything. Special homecoming for my lovely wife & princess @princess_asiabrown her first ride home from the hospital. Daddy’s little girl ❤️”. Brown mauzo wrote.

On Tuesday, Sidika penned down a message of appreciation to her husband“It’s been an amazing experience. And as we prepare to leave for home with @princess_asiabrown i felt the need to appreciate My dearest Hubby @brownmauzo254 ❤️❤️ I don’t know where to begin,” she wrote.

Ms. Sidika noted that Brown has always inspired her to become a better person despite knowing all her strengths and weaknesses.

“When I look at how far we’ve come; I remember my past relationships & say truly God has a reason to why certain things don’t work out. He knew you were the perfect man for me so he saved the best for last.

“You knew all of my strengths & my weaknesses and yet you accepted me just the way I was 🥺 You have always inspired me to become the best version of myself”, said Vera Sidika.

Adding that; “Our daughter @princess_asiabrown is so blessed to have you as her father because you definitely going to be the best dad in the world 🌍 I LOVE YOU @brownmauzo254 🥺❤️😘”.

Mauzo also put up a lovely message dedicated to his wife.

“No family could be whole without a daughter, and that’s exactly what I always wanted from the almighty. And now you, my gorgeous wife @queenveebosset has given me a super cute baby girl💕. I can’t thank the almighty enough and for fulfilling this wish. I feel like our family is complete now @queenveebosset @princess_asiabrown 💕”, Brown Mauzo’a Message.

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Magix Enga: I joined Illuminati at 23



Kenya’s music producer Magix Enga has revealed that he joined Illuminati at 23 to gain fame and wealth.

He opened up about joining the Illuminati during an interview with YouTuber Ali.

Magix Enga revealed that he joined the underworld community due to the tough life he was living back at their home.

“That Illuminati thing is real and people should stop joking about it. I joined when I was 23 years old now am turning 30.”

“Illuminati ni real, mimi ilinifanyikia nikiwa 23, 24 years hivi and now I am turning 30.

So kuna dem fulani hapo mzungu alikam, tukahave a meeting, tukaongea hapo Junction Mall hapo Ngong Road.

Then akaanza kuniuliza mbona uko hapa, mbona maisha inakupeleka vipi and you are a dope producer and can sing?

Akaniambia anaweza nilink na big musicians wamepitia through me na wakakuwa successful and the first musician that she linked me with through the phone ni DJ Khaled,” he said.

Enga explained that he did not give any human sacrifice to pay for the good life he had. He said that the only sacrifice he gave was his blood.

“Nilikuwa natoa tu damu. Nilikuwa nadungwa kisu wanatoa damu. Na bado niko na hiz scar sa kisu.

Nijitoa mimi kama sacrifice,” he said while showing the interviewer some of the scars on his body.

Enga said things started becoming too much for him and he found himself falling back to his previous prayerful self.

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Enga further revealed that he has since left the group and is now saved.

He noted that coming out of Illuminati came with a price as he had to lose everything that he gained while in it as well as getting involved in a serious car accident.

The producer now says he is currently fighting to regain his life and advises young people to be patient in the road towards finding success.

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Kabi & Milly WaJesus unveils 2nd pregnancy with huge billboard.



The content creator and youtube couple Kabi and Milly WaJesus are expecting their second child together.

The award-winning couple made the announcement on Tuesday, via their popular YouTube Channel, The WaJesus Family.

Kabi and Milly unveiled the pregnancy in a unique way, after putting their family portrait on a huge billboard with a message that their family was expanding.

“The WaJesus family is growing. Another baby loading,” reads the message on the billboard.

Through Instagram a heavily expectant Milly wa Jesus shared the news of her pregnancy by posting a photo of herself with her husband and their son Tagi.

“We are super happy to finally share the exciting news with our online family.

The WAJESUS FAMILY IS GROWING AND WE GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY. He has chosen us to be parents once more and knit together a little one to join our family,” Milly wrote

Through Instagram Kabi wa Jesus followed the big announcement with a sweet message about the baby.

“We wanted to let you know that we are pregnant. We are expecting our second baby and just thank God because he has been amazing.

He has taken good care of us as the WaJesus family.

“And this means a lot to us and I thought which other way can I use and make sure we announce this to the world in the biggest way possible and I thought a billboard is perfect.

Now you know the WaJesus family is growing, our second baby is coming and they are stars already because as you can see they are making billboards already,” added Kabi WaJesus.

“I know you have been hiding, but it’s time to relax and be free,” said Kabi WaJesus.

Upon seeing their family portrait on a billboard, an emotional Milly could not hold back her tears.

Rose Muhando trends on Twitter for sharing her prayer to get mzungu hubby

“This is so beautiful, thank you my love. This is the best, I don’t even have words, because I never expected this.

Can I be living here so that I can be watching it every day,” Milly said .

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Rose Muhando trends on Twitter for sharing her prayer to get mzungu hubby



Gospel singer Rose Muhando suggests getting married to a white man with money is top of her prayer list.

In a video shared on her official Instagram account, Muhando sang about getting a white man who has money and KOT are now on her case.

“Yesu nitendee, Yesu unitendee, ombi langu mwaka huu nataka nipate mume mzungu na mwenye hela.

“She went on to ask her fans and followers to also share their prayers for the year 2022, via a WhatsApp number she provided.

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“Unaweza nitumia na wewe challenge yako ya ombi lako huku ukiandika na ombi lako unalotaka Mungu akufanyie mwaka huu 2022. Tuma clip yako kwenye namba +255077.”

Kenyans on Twitter joined the conversation with everybody trying to weigh in, with an opinion of what they think about the Rose Muhando prayer.

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