Michael Jackson’s 40th-anniversary “Thriller”

There will be a documentary based on Michael Jackson’s 1982 classic Thriller Nelson George (who published an unauthorized biography on the singer in 1983, The Michael Jackson Story) will direct the documentary.

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Thriller, Sony Music and Michael Jackson’s estate are collaborating on a documentary; Thriller foreshadows Jackson’s contradictory themes of paranoia and dark themes in his personal life.

It will include never-before-seen footage and interviews about Thriller, focusing on Michael Jackson’s rise to global stardom. On November 18th, Thriller 40 will also be released.

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The documentary’s exploration of Michael’s process and impact is revelatory

Thriller redefined Michael Jackson’s career, taking him from teen idol to adult superstar who composed memorable songs, sang beautifully, and reached the highest level of on-stage performance. As a result of the album and the short film,’ Thriller inspired, music and image were brought together in a new way.

“Thriller probed emotional depths and pushed the frontiers of aural invention,” said John Branca and John McClain, co-executor of Michael Jackson’s Estate. By doing so, he broke down harmful barriers in the music business and physically brought the globe together: Michael Jackson’s music has electrified people from all over the world.

Quincy Jones produced the album, who had previously worked with Jackson on Off the Wall in 1979. A killer album was what Jackson envisioned. Thriller has sold 100 million copies worldwide, making it the first RIAA triple diamond album.

Michael Jackson released Thriller on November 30th, 1982, and won eight Grammys, including Album of the Year.

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