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My wife should know Amber is a Blessing- Jamal Rohosafi as he admitted being a Serial Cheater



The big issue

Businessman Jamal Marlow Roho safi has confessed to being a serial cheater before meeting his second wife Amber Ray.

Appearing on Jalang’o TV, Rohosafi said that Amber Ray has changed a lot of things in his life to a point of making him drop his cheating behavior.

Before I met Amber, I was living a very expensive life, per Day nilikuwa natumia Sh50K na ni spending ya Madem tu. Nilikuwa na madem tofauti , yaani nilikuwa naweza kuwa na demu alafu hata namsahau.

My wife should know that Amber is a blessing, she came to my life and I changed a lot of things… she had showed me everything coz I was a loner na hakuna mtu dangerous kama mtu loner.

Jamal went on to reveal that; “Funniest thing nikampatia mpaka account zangu zote za Instagram, kila kitu ni yeye anamanage…yaani nilisha change lifestyle yangu… niliacha hiyo life na once chali ashamake decision…kuna stage fulani wanaume wanakuwanga inaitwa hoe life wakati tu unachota madem na hata hujui nini unataka kwa hao madem.”

Rohosafi also admitted to have bought Amber Ray a house in Hurlingham but currently they are neighbours with his first wife in Syokimau.

Jamal further explained that he has known his wife Amira since they were in form two and they have been together ever since and whatever he has they have built together

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Rick Ross & Hamisa Mobetto’s Dubai vacation makes headlines in US



 rapper and business mogul Rick Ross was spotted hanging out with Tanzanian actress and model Hamisa Mobetto.

The two were together in Dubai at Club Blu where the rapper was performing on Thursday night, November 25.

Word on the street in the US is that the two could be dating after their video made headlines.

Rick Ross and his rumored boo model Hamisa Mobetto having a good time in Dubai,” The Shade Room reported.

Back in September the US rapper was asked about his relationship with the Tanzanian Actress Hamisa Mobetto .

 “To be honest, there is a connection but then I’m going to leave it to her to explain the nature of the relationship we share.”He responded

She is such a beautiful person, beautiful spirit and she is a huge entrepreneur and I want to help her take it to the next level.”He continued

In the past few months, Ross has been gushing over Ms Mobetto’s beauty in almost every photo she uploads, an act that has left many with questions.

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Kamene Goro confirms she is now engaged and off the market.



Kiss 100.3 FM presenter Kamene Goro has confirmed she is seeing someone.

While speaking during a sit down with comedian Jalang’o on his YouTube channel, the curvy radio host showed off her engagement ring to prove that she is dating.

The media personality also confirmed the great news through a question and answer session on her Instagram page.

This was after a fan expressed interest in her in a statement that can be linked to a shining ring on one of her fingers.

Kamene wondered why many people believe that she is not dating even though she has been seeing someone for almost a year.

“I’m dating, this is my engagement ring. I don’t why people think I’m still single yet I have been dating since January! Men, please stop disturbing now,” Kamene said.

Kamene’s admission comes a few months after the voluptuous presenter explained she had suffered enough heartaches and was staying away from relationships.

The dating scene hasn’t been a bed of roses for the presenter, as she was once in a toxic marriage that she says ended via a phone call.

According to Kamene, she willingly got married to a well-to-do Tanzanian national a man she adored and loved. But things took a turn for the worst amid accusations of infidelity.

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Makeda’s cookies will name young Dolph’s favorite cookie after the late rapper



As for the location that Dolph was murdered at, that will remain closed through the rest of the year as Makeda’s continues to mourn with the rest of Memphis, Tennessee. Until then, the cookie shop has created a GoFundMe page aimed to help repair the store, which was damaged in the fatal shooting.

The business wrote that an insurance claim they filed following the shooting was denied because it “was not fire, flood or natural disaster,” leading to the creation of the GoFundMe. So far, the Makeda’s Cookies GoFundMe has received over $86,000 in donations.

According to reports from WREG, the Black-owned bakery that Dolph frequented before his passing has just reopened its downtown location.

Man Shot Near Shop Where Young Dolph Was Killed |
where young dolph was murdered

As they reopen their doors, Raven Winton, the operations manager, revealed that they will be renaming the rapper’s favorite cookie, the chocolate chip, after him.

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