Best food to detox

Most of the time, we want to embark on a detox journey; this happens after you discover a  few changes in your body, like feeling bloat even if you eat foods that would not cause you to be bloated and also digestion issues or even when you incorporate exercise in your life, and the best way to start it up is when you start up an all-natural detox routine. We assume that body toxins come only from what we ingest. Still, even our environment contributes we are exposed to chemicals, air pollution. They have negative impacts on our body, like getting sick, thus making you not perform your duties to your full potential .most of the time, natural detox foods have molecules that help carry toxins out of the body, and here is a list of those foods.

1. Garlic

I know what you think about its strong, distinct smell that almost always irritates, But it is a good choice for a detox routine. Garlic, with its know properties of being an antiviral, antibacterial, and antibiotic, garlic contains allicin that promotes white blood cell production responsible for helping the body against stubborn infections. To get the most out of the garlic, consume it raw, and that’s when you can cut it into tiny bits, or you can crush or grind them.  Or add it to your salad as a topping.

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2. Beetroot

This is a great root food, especially when it comes to matters detoxification. It prides itself on great nutrients like magnesium, iron, and vitamin c  thus, apart from detox, you are guaranteed amazing glowing skin. Great hair is a super bonus right and lowers cholesterol levels, and most of the time, people refer to it as the most fabulous food. To get the best out of beetroot, blend it into juice or add it to your food salad.

3. Fruits

They boast of being rich in fiber; they also have many vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants that remove free radicals from the body, thus preventing cell and tissue damage and maintaining a high immunity and great skin beautiful hair level. With high fiber, content digestion is easy; there are many types of fruits. Still, the best are always those with acids like grapefruits oranges, among others, and are great when it comes to a detox routine, and it’s always easy to incorporate them into your daily diet. You can take them as a snack blend of fresh juices.

4. Ginger

This is a famous spice in our homesteads, and it’s also great when it comes to easing stomach upsets like bloating and easing digestion. Ginger is commonly used in tea to add flavor. Ginger also has antioxidants that help remove free radicals that tend to cause damage to the body; with their removal, there is a guaranteed boost in immunity.

 5. Lemons

This fruit boasts of having a lot of vitamin c and is also an antioxidant, thus great when it comes to removing free radicals that tend to cause damage to tissues and cells. With their alkaline effect, Lemons help restore the body’s acidity level by normalizing the acidity level and boosting immunity level. Cut your lemons in tiny bits for your detox routine, toss them in hot water, and drink the contents.

6. Green leafy vegetables

When it comes to vegetables, try those that are leafy and green. You can try collard greens, spinach, or kales. They are rich in fiber, which means easier digestion, and water will help flush out toxins from the body and prevent constipation. Kale, in particular, is known for being a top cleansing food with its ability to neutralize toxins vegetables have a lot of iron that helps in cell growth, healthy blood volume increase, and also anti-inflammatory properties.

Try the natural food properties for your detox journey and see changes. They only have natural elements which speed up the process.